Lynne CrossFit Workout 2024 (My Best Secret Tips & Tricks For You)

I just tried the Lynne CrossFit workout, and I must say, it’s a thrilling challenge that really tests your strength and endurance. This benchmark workout is composed of two powerful exercises: bench press and pull-ups.

Designed to be simple yet intense, it’s a fantastic workout that pushes you to your limits. I love how it combines the raw power needed for the bench press with the unyielding core and upper body strength required for pull-ups.

all you need to know about lynne crossfit benchmark workout in one infographic including structure and goal times of the wod

Doing the Lynne CrossFit Workout is straightforward – you perform as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) for each exercise, jumping from the bench to the pull-up bar. It’s five rounds of maxing out, which is as mentally challenging as it is physical. There’s this incredible blend of pushing for one more rep and calculating how much I can give without burning out too soon.

Step-By-Step Workout Structure

Embarking on the Lynne CrossFit Workout is an electrifying challenge that will test my endurance and strength to the max! Below, I’ve outlined the structure to tackle this high-intensity regimen.

Round 1:

  • Bench Press:

    • Goal: Max reps at bodyweight
    • Method: I will perform as many reps as possible (AMRAP) without breaking form.
    • Rest: Enough to recover strength, but not cool down.
  • Pull-Ups:

    • Goal: Max reps
    • Method: Again, I aim for AMRAP, keeping my form strict and movements unbroken.

Repeat for 5 Rounds:

  • I will make sure each round challenges my limits on both exercises.
  • It’s imperative to maintain form to prevent injury and ensure accurate measurement of progress.

Rest Periods:

  • Key to success in the Lynne workout is strategically timed rests.
  • Between each set of bench press and pull-ups, I will listen to my body and rest sufficiently to maximize my performance in the subsequent set.

Tracking Progress:

  • Every round is a chance to measure my strength and endurance.
  • Recording reps allows me to see my improvements over time, turning the Lynne workout into both a benchmark and a motivator for my fitness journey.


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Remember, the goal is to push through these 5 electrifying rounds with fierce determination, and have a blast while I’m at it! Let’s get those max reps and set new personal records!

Do you want to level up or down? Here are your options:

Equipment for the Lynne CrossFit Workout

In this section, I’m going to walk you through the specific gear you’ll need and suggest some optional accessories that could enhance your performance in the Lynne CrossFit Workout. This workout challenges your strength and endurance through its two sole movements.

Required Gear

Pull-Up Bar: I’ll definitely need a sturdy pull-up bar for this WOD. Since pull-ups are a core component of the Lynne workout, it’s crucial to have access to reliable equipment that can support my weight and allow a full range of motion.

Bench Press Setup: For the bench press, a standard bench and a barbell set are essential. I should ensure the weights I select equal my own body weight, as that’s what the workout asks of me.

Optional Accessories

  • Gymnastic Grips: These can be a game changer for maintaining a strong grip during those pull-ups. They help prevent blisters and provide extra support.
  • Wrist Wraps: To have more support when lifting my body weight on the bench press, wrist wraps can offer extra stability for my wrists.
  • Chalk: Reducing slippage is key, so I might use chalk to keep my hands dry and maintain a solid grip throughout both pull-ups and bench press reps.
  • Jump Ropes: Although not directly used in the Lynne workout, jump ropes are great for warming up before tackling the intense rounds of pull-ups and bench presses.

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Benefits of the Lynne CrossFit Workout

Engaging in the Lynne CrossFit Workout, I experience a powerful combination of advantages for both my physical and mental wellness. Here’s how:

Physical Health Benefits

I find my muscular endurance significantly improving as Lynne pushes me with its challenging combo of bodyweight exercises. My body adapts to the high-rep, unrestrained sets of bench presses and pull-ups, which are key to developing stronger muscles and increasing my stamina. It’s thrilling to notice how my ability to perform lifts and air squats increases over time, making Lynne an excellent benchmark workout for gauging my progress.

  • Bench Presses: Boost upper body strength
  • Pull-Ups: Enhance back, arm, and core muscles

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Mentally, the Lynne workout offers me an exhilarating test of focus and determination. The lack of a time cap means I can truly test my limits and set personal goals, leading to a fulfilling sense of achievement with every improvement. It helps me build resilience and grit, which are great for my overall emotional well-being.

  • Resolution: I set personal records, aiming for improvement.
  • Focus: I enhance my concentration through prolonged effort.
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Performing the Different Movements

I’m thrilled to guide you through the movements of the Lynne CrossFit Workout, focusing on form and technique to maximize our gains. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Upper Body Exercises

In the Lynne workout, my upper body is going to be heavily engaged. For bench press, I make sure my form is spot on, with my feet firmly planted on the floor. I maintain a controlled motion, keeping my elbows at a 45-degree angle from my body to prevent any undue stress on my shoulders.

After bench pressing, I move straight into pull-ups. I keep my form strict, avoiding any kipping to really target my upper body muscles. If pull-ups are too challenging, I sometimes substitute them with ring rows, making sure I’m pulling myself up until my hands are in line with my chest.

Lower Body Exercises

Even though the Lynne CrossFit workout is traditionally focused on upper body, CrossFit often involves compound movements that occasionally bring the lower body CrossFit into play. Knowing this, I always stay prepared for workouts that might incorporate exercises like squats or deadlifts, focusing on my form to protect my back and knees.

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Scaling Options

Scaling is essential to make sure I get the most out of the Lynne CrossFit workout, no matter my current fitness level. Here are some specific modifications and variations for different skill levels.

Beginner Modifications

For beginners like me, it’s crucial to ensure that exercises are manageable and safe. I start with ¾-body-weight bench presses to maintain proper form without overloading. For pull-ups, I opt for ring rows or banded pull-ups which help me to build the necessary upper body strength progressively. Here’s my go-to breakdown:

  • Bench Press: ¾ of my body weight
  • Pull-Ups: Ring rows or banded pull-ups for assistance

Intermediate Variations

When I’ve surpassed the beginner stage but am not quite at the advanced level, intermediate options keep the workout challenging. I might perform the bench presses at my body weight if possible, or slightly less, ensuring I can still hit higher reps with solid form. For pull-ups, I integrate kipping motions to maintain momentum and complete more reps. This makes it challenging yet achievable:

  • Bench Press: My body weight or slightly less
  • Pull-Ups: Kipping pull-ups

Advanced Techniques

As an advanced athlete, my focus is on maximizing the number of repetitions while maintaining unbroken sets. I aim to keep my bench presses at my body weight throughout all rounds. To push my limits, I incorporate chest-to-bar pull-ups, which increase the range of motion and intensity of the workout:

  • Bench Press: My body weight
  • Pull-Ups: Chest-to-bar to increase difficulty
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My Experience with the Lynne CrossFit Workout

Discovering Lynne: When I first encountered the Lynne CrossFit workout, my curiosity peaked. The workout seemed straightforward: just bench presses and pull-ups, but the reality was a challenging test of stamina and strength.

Community Support: My CrossFit community was key. Training partners cheered me on, counting reps and offering encouragement, pushing me past mental barriers.

Adapting Strategy: Initially, fatigue set in quickly. I learned to pace myself, breaking the reps into smaller sets as rounds progressed.

Physical and Mental Challenge: The simplicity of Lynne is deceptive. It taxed my muscles intensely, and it was as much a mental game as it was physical.

Surpassing Personal Bests: Over time, I saw my reps increase. This workout became my monthly measure of improvement, a testament to my hard work and dedication.

Every session with Lynne leaves me both exhausted and exhilarated, proud of what my body can accomplish and eager to see it improve further.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lynne CrossFit Workout

What is a good score for Lynne?

A good score for the Lynne CrossFit workout, which consists of five rounds of max bodyweight bench presses and pull-ups, is highly individual. However, reaching a total of over 200 reps combined is often considered a strong performance.

What is the I go you go format?

The “I go you go” format in CrossFit, often used in partner workouts like variations of the Lynne CrossFit workout, involves one partner working while the other rests. This format alternates between exercises or rounds, promoting teamwork and intensity.

What is Fran CrossFit?

Fran CrossFit is a benchmark workout known for its intensity, comprising a 21-15-9 rep scheme of thrusters (95 lbs for men, 65 lbs for women) and pull-ups. It’s famous for testing speed, strength, and endurance like the Lynne CrossFit Workout.

Is CrossFit good for you?

CrossFit is good for you if approached with proper form, technique, and scaling according to individual fitness levels. It enhances cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and community support, making it a comprehensive fitness program.

How much can Matt Fraser squat?

Matt Fraser, a five-time CrossFit Games champion, has showcased impressive strength throughout his career. While specific numbers can vary, Fraser has been known to squat over 485 pounds, demonstrating his remarkable power and dedication.

Why is CrossFit so fun?

CrossFit is so fun because it combines varied, high-intensity workouts with a supportive community atmosphere. The constantly changing routines and challenges, along with the camaraderie among members, make it an enjoyable and motivating way to stay fit.

Please post your time for the Lynne CrossFit Workout in the comments. I’d love to hear. Don’t forget to try the Elizabeth WOD and the Jackie CrossFit Workout as well.

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