Elizabeth CrossFit Workout 2024 (Best Tips & Tricks For You)

I’m thrilled to dive into the dynamic world of CrossFit with a focus on the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, one of the classic “Girl” Benchmark WODs (Workout of the Day). This particular workout is a test of both strength and conditioning, combining weightlifting and gymnastic elements into a fast-paced and challenging circuit.

all you need to know about elizabeth crossfit benchmark workout in one infographic including structure and goal times of the wod

The Elizabeth CrossFit Workout consists of just two exercises: cleans and ring dips, but don’t let its simplicity deceive you—this workout demands grit and technique. The standard format is a descending ladder of reps: 21 of each movement, then 15, and finally finishing with 9. The prescribed weight for the cleans is 135 pounds for men and 95 pounds for women, aligning with the principle that workouts are scalable to maintain intensity across different ability levels.

Step-By-Step Workout Structure

I’m about to break down the exhilarating Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, a classic benchmark in CrossFit that really gets the heart pumping! This workout encapsulates the very spirit of the CrossFit Games with its dynamic combination of strength and skill.

The Elizabeth WOD consists of:

  • Squat Cleans: A full-body movement that calls for the barbell to be ‘cleaned’ from the ground to a front-rack squat position.
  • Ring Dips: A gymnastic move demanding great upper body strength and control, performed on a set of gymnastics rings.

Let’s check out the magic numbers: 21-15-9. That’s the rep scheme that I’ll tackle for time. Yes, it’s all about speed, but never at the expense of my form! Here’s how I’ll lay it out:

  1. Perform 21 Squat Cleans
  2. Follow with 21 Ring Dips
  3. Then, it’s 15 Squat Cleans
  4. And, 15 Ring Dips
  5. Lastly, 9 Squat Cleans
  6. Finish strong with 9 Ring Dips

Regarding scaling, it’s key to adapt the workout to match my current fitness level. I might lighten the load or modify the ring dips so I can blaze through with solid technique but maintain that challenging edge. The goal? To strike that sweet spot between speed and maintaining crisp form throughout each rep.

For my fellow athletes striving for the Rx (as prescribed), the standard weight is 135lb for men and 95lb for women on those squat cleans.


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As I face off with the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, I aim to complete the workout carefully, yet quickly, ideally in less than 10 minutes. Let’s do this—Elizabeth won’t know what hit her!

Do you want to level up or down? Here are your options:

Equipment for the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout

I’m gearing up to tackle the iconic Elizabeth CrossFit workout, and I need my trusty equipment to hit this challenging benchmark! I’ll start with the centerpiece: the barbell. It’s essential, as I’ll be knocking out a series of cleans. For the standard Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, I’d load up my barbell to 135 pounds for men or 95 pounds for women, ensuring I stick to the prescribed weights.

Now, let’s talk ring dips! I’ll need a set of gymnastic rings suspended securely from a rig or similar setup. This is where I test my upper body strength, driving through those dips.

Here’s a quick checklist for my equipment setup:

  • Barbell
  • Weight Plates: To reach the 135/95 lb Rx requirement.
  • Gymnastic Rings: For executing those ring dips.

To make this workout accessible, I adopt scaling options. Instead of standard ring dips, I might use bands for assistance or switch to push-ups if needed. The idea is to maintain intensity while respecting my current fitness level.

As part of my common equipment program approach, I prioritize equipment that can be used for a variety of workouts, making sure I get the most out of each piece. I keep my barbell and rings ready for not just the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, but a whole host of other CrossFit challenges that await me. Let’s get after it!

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Benefits of the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout

When I tackle the Elizabeth CrossFit workout, I’m not just testing my fitness level; I’m engaging in a Benchmark Workout that’s renowned in CrossFit communities worldwide. This high-intensity triad is a classic staple – it’s one of the “Girl” workouts that act as a litmus test for my progress in daily training.

Here are some benefits that get me pumped about Elizabeth:

  • Strength and Power: My muscles get an incredible workout, specifically from the Cleans, which bolster my lower body and core. The Ring Dips power up my upper body. Every lift and dip counts!
  • Anaerobic Endurance: As a time-capped challenge, Elizabeth pushes the boundaries of my high-intensity output. This means my heart rate soars, and I can improve my anaerobic endurance remarkably.
  • Skill Progression: Ring Dips and Cleans require technique and precision. The more I engage in these movements, the more refined my skills become.

Let’s break it down further with a quick list:

  • Immense calorie burn
  • Boost to my metabolic rate
  • Noticeable increase in muscle definition
  • A litmus test for my fitness benchmarks
  • Indicator of progress and areas needing improvement

I’ve heard of some seasoned athletes taking on “Elizabeth Elevated,” a variant with increased weights or more challenging variations of the movements. This adaptation offers an even greater benefit by upscaling the intensity and skill level needed.

By gauging my time and efficiency during Elizabeth, I ensure my training regimen provides tangible results. It feels incredible to see my times drop and my form improve with each attempt!

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Performing the Different Movements

When tackling the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, I’m excited about the blend of power and skill I need to bring to two challenging movements: Squat Cleans and Ring Dips. I’ll walk you through my technique for each.

Squat Cleans

For the Squat Cleans, my focus is on explosive power with precise form. I start by standing over the barbell, feet hip-width apart. As I lift the bar, I keep my back straight and explode upwards from my hips and legs. Once the bar reaches maximum height, I quickly drop into a squat to catch it at my shoulders, and then I stand up—this is one rep.

  • Weight: It’s important to select a weight that is challenging but manageable—I aim for 135 pounds if I’m feeling strong.
  • Form: To prevent injury, it’s crucial I maintain good form. If my technique gets sloppy, I could consider lowering the weight.

Ring Dips

Moving on to Ring Dips, stability and upper body strength take the center stage. Securing a solid grip on the rings, I press down while keeping my core engaged and descend until my shoulders are below my elbows—I then push back to the starting position.

  • Technique: For a smoother dip, I’ve learned to lean forward slightly and keep my elbows close to my body.
  • Dips: If my arms fatigue and my form suffers, I consider scaling down or using an assistance band to ensure I maintain proper technique.

I would strongly suggest, especially for those new to these movements, to hire a coach to optimize the workout and ensure safety. A coach can hone my form on both movements, guiding me through common pitfalls and helping me to execute each rep with confidence.

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Scaling Options

When I approach the Elizabeth CrossFit workout, I can’t help but get pumped up over the array of scaling options! This classic CrossFit WOD is designed to test advanced athletes with its 21-15-9 rep scheme of Cleans and Ring Dips. But the real beauty lies in how accessible it is for beginners and intermediate athletes—there’s a way for everyone to tackle “Elizabeth” with vigor!


For the Cleans, if I’m not up to the Rx weight, I can easily scale down. Beginners might try:

  • Reducing the weight
  • Switching to Medicine Ball Cleans

This helps me maintain intensity without sacrificing form.

Ring Dips

As for the Ring Dips, if those are my nemesis, I’ve got options too:

  • Banded Ring Dips give me that extra support.
  • Jumping Ring Dips are a fantastic way to build up strength.
  • For those not comfortable on the rings, Bar Dips or Push-ups serve as great substitutes.

To scale a WOD like “Elizabeth,” it’s all about finding that sweet spot—where challenge meets capability. It ensures I continue to progress, build muscle, and enhance my stamina while avoiding injury and frustration. Plus, it keeps the workout super exciting!

Remember, scaling isn’t a compromise, it’s a strategy. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to establish a baseline, an intermediate athlete looking to improve, or an advanced athlete who needs to go easier on a recovery day, scaling ensures “Elizabeth” remains incredibly effective and thrilling for all. Let’s get after it with the perfect modifications for our level!

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My Experience with the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout

I remember the first time I attempted Elizabeth, one of CrossFit’s benchmark “Girl” workouts. I was both nervous and excited, knowing I was about to tackle a beast of a workout. With 21-15-9 reps of squat cleans and ring dips, I knew my strength and endurance would be tested to their limits.

My Approach was methodical. I warmed up thoroughly, practicing my form on the squat cleans and easing into the ring dips. Since I wanted to complete Elizabeth as prescribed (RX), I set up my barbell with the standard 135 pounds for males and prepared my mind for what was to come.

During my first attempt, I hit a point of Failure with my ring dips. It was humbling and a little frustrating.

After the workout, I made sure to Log My Workout Scores in my journal. Tracking my progress is essential, and seeing my time and weights improve over time is incredibly rewarding. I’ve considered upgrading to a Beastmode Membership to access more comprehensive analytics and community support.

For those curious about giving Elizabeth a try, Log In to your spirit of adventure and remember, it’s about personal progress and perseverance. Here are a few personal tips:

  • Don’t rush the squat cleans; focus on form over speed.
  • Use a band for ring dips if needed to maintain quality of movement.
  • Take enough rest between sets to ensure you can continue with good form.

This workout never gets easier, but I certainly get stronger, and that’s the beauty of CrossFit!

Frequently Asked Questions about Elizabeth CrossFit Workout

What is the Elizabeth CrossFit workout?

The Elizabeth CrossFit workout is a benchmark WOD comprising 21-15-9 reps of squat cleans (135 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women) and ring dips. It’s known for testing strength, speed, and gymnastic skills.

What are good times for Elizabeth CrossFit?

Good times for the Elizabeth CrossFit workout range from 6 to 12 minutes. Achieving a time in this bracket indicates a strong performance, balancing proficiency in both squat cleans and ring dips.

Is Elizabeth squat clean?

Yes, the traditional Elizabeth CrossFit workout involves squat cleans. This exercise requires the athlete to catch the barbell in a full squat position, challenging both strength and mobility.

What is the CrossFit workout for the Queen?

The “Queen” is not a standard CrossFit workout title, but Elizabeth CrossFit workout could humorously be referred to as such. It’s a royal test of fitness, combining weightlifting with gymnastics.

How many squats is excellent?

In the context of CrossFit and general fitness, performing over 50 air squats in a minute is considered excellent. However, for weighted exercises like in the Elizabeth CrossFit workout, the focus is on quality and form rather than sheer quantity.

Is The squat the king of lifts?

Yes, the squat is often referred to as the king of all lifts due to its comprehensive engagement of major muscle groups, contributing to overall strength, power, and mobility. It’s a foundational movement in many workouts, including the Elizabeth CrossFit workout.

Please share your Elizabeth CrossFit Workout time in the comments. Make sure to also try Jackie WOD and the Amanda CrossFit Workout.

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