Grace CrossFit Workout 2024 (My Secret Tips & Tricks For You)

I absolutely love diving into the Grace CrossFit Workout, a benchmark WOD designed to test your strength and conditioning. The exhilaration of combining Olympic weightlifting with high-intensity training in this workout is unmatched. My adrenaline kicks in as I power through those 30 clean and jerks, pushing my limits and striving to finish in the shortest time possible.

all you need to know about grace crossfit benchmark workout in one infographic including structure and goal times of the wod

In my fitness journey, I’ve realized the beauty of the Grace CrossFit Workout lies in its simplicity and the sheer test of willpower. It’s amazing how this single exercise—the clean and jerk—can serve as a comprehensive gauge of my fitness level.

The challenge to complete each rep with precision and unbroken momentum keeps me on my toes. Every time I do “Grace,” it’s not just a workout; it’s a thrilling race against the clock that leaves me breathless and energized.

Step-by-Step Workout Structure

When I approach the Grace CrossFit workout, I always begin with a warm-up to prime my body. This Olympic-style clean and jerk lift is both a test of strength and endurance, so I make sure to cover all my bases. Here’s how I structure my session:

  1. Warm-Up:

    • I start with dynamic stretching to increase my blood flow.
    • A few rounds of light rowing or jumping jacks ignite my cardiovascular readiness.
    • I follow up with some bodyweight squats and shoulder mobility drills to prep for the clean and jerk movements.
  2. Form and Technique Focus:

    • I practice the clean with a PVC pipe or an empty barbell, emphasizing a full extension and a solid rack position.
    • For the jerk, I work on my footwork and the catch phase, starting light and increasing weight gradually.
  3. Grace Workout:

    • The workout consists of completing 30 clean and jerks for time.
    • I maintain a focus on form to prevent failure due to fatigue or injury.
    • My goal is to find the sweet spot where I balance speed with technique—never sacrificing one for the other.
  4. Scaling Options:

    • If I’m not feeling up to the prescribed (Rx) weight, I scale down to maintain my workout’s quality.
    • For beginners or those working on form, reducing load or breaking it into sets can help maintain focus and avoid burnout.
  5. Time and Score:

    • I keep an eye on the clock since Grace is a timed workout. My score is the time taken to complete all 30 reps.
    • It’s exhilarating to push through each rep, feeling the power generated with each clean and the control needed to execute the jerk.


Author at PlanetGains

Each element in Grace challenges my fitness, and completing it gives me a sense of achievement. It’s the epitome of where explosive power meets relentless endurance; I always look forward to testing my limits with it!

Do you want to level up or down? Here are your options:

Equipment for the Grace CrossFit Workout

When I prep for the Grace workout, it’s all about finding the right gear to power through those 30 clean and jerks. Let’s get you set up!


  • Barbell: The foundation of Grace. I make sure mine feels solid with a good spin.
  • Bumper Plates: These are a must for loading up the barbell. Plus, they’re kind to the floor when I drop my weights—which definitely happens.

Weight Classes:

  • Men’s Rx (as prescribed): I go for a total load of 135 lb.
  • Women’s Rx: They usually aim for 95 lb.

But hey, we all start somewhere, and scaling is key to building up strength with the Grace CrossFit Workout. So, here are the common scaled loads:

  • Intermediate Men: About 115 lb.
  • Intermediate Women: They’ll load the barbell to 75 lb.
  • Beginner Men: Starting at a cool 75 lb is a great way to get into it.
  • Beginner Women: They can kick off with 55 lb.

Remember, it’s not just about the weight, but how efficiently I can move it. I always check the collars are secure before starting. Safety first, friends!

Pro Tip: If I’m not up to the Rx weights yet, I mix and match plates to get to my appropriate scale. And honestly, no shame in that game. It’s about my personal best and pushing my limits, safely!

Grab your gear and let’s crush this workout together!

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Benefits of the Grace CrossFit Workout

When I take on the Grace CrossFit Workout, I’m tapping into a flurry of health and fitness advantages that not only boost my day-to-day vitality but also gear me up for competitive events like the CrossFit Games. Here’s what I reap from this powerful workout:

  • Total Body Strength: I find that the Olympic lifting element of Grace—30 clean and jerks—immensely increases my strength. That’s both in my legs from the squat portion and in my upper body from the press. This complex exercise is a multitasker that doubles as a strength-building fiend.
  • Speed: Grace is all about high intensity, and the clock is ticking! I notice an improvement in my speed as I work to beat my previous times, making it both a race and a benchmark workout.
  • Endurance and Conditioning: As I’m powering through those reps, my heart rate soars. Grace has me boosting my cardiovascular endurance, which is crucial for my overall conditioning.
  • Mental Toughness: There’s nothing quite like the mental game in the middle of a Grace workout. Each time I push through the accumulated fatigue, I’m also training my brain to endure and persevere.

Using a structured approach under the guidance of a knowledgeable CrossFit coach, I’ve seen my fitness level skyrocket. The Grace CrossFit Workout isn’t just a workout; it’s a litmus test for my commitment and progress, offering me tangible results in speed and endurance that I’m excited to see evolve.

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Performing the Different Movements

In the world of CrossFit, mastering the movements of the Clean and Jerk is essential to crush workouts like the Grace CrossFit Workout with finesse and power.

Clean and Jerk Technique

My journey with the clean and jerk began with understanding that it’s an Olympic lift comprised of two key movements. Here’s how I broke it down:

  1. Clean:

    • Start with the feet shoulder-width apart, barbell over the toes.
    • With a hook grip, pull the barbell from the ground, maintaining a strong back.
    • Transition to the front rack position as you drop into a squat.
    • Stand up, preparing for the jerk.
  2. Jerk:

    • Dip slightly at the knees, then powerfully extend them.
    • Drive the barbell overhead, locking my arms.
    • Finish in a solid, stable position with the barbell overhead.

Keeping my form precise ensured that I could perform the lift safely and with maximum efficiency.

Common WOD Movements

In addition to the clean and jerk, I honed other movements to enhance my Grace CrossFit Workout performance:

  • Deadlifts: The foundation for cleanly lifting the barbell off the ground.
  • Power Cleans: A variation of the clean for when I need to gain speed.
  • Squats: Essential for building the leg strength necessary to drive up from the clean.
  • Press: Developing shoulder stability and strength to support the jerk.

For each of these, attention to form and controlled execution trumped sheer force, contrasting the common misconception that more power automatically equals a better lift. By balancing technique with strength, I aimed to progress to an elite level, completing the workout in under 2 minutes – the hallmark of Grace’s upper echelon.

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Scaling Options

When I think about scaling the Grace CrossFit Workout, I get really excited about how inclusive it can be! This workout consists of 30 clean & jerks, which I can scale to accommodate everyone’s fitness level and goals, from beginners to elite athletes. Let’s talk about how I can make that happen.

For Beginners:
I recommend starting with lighter weights, perhaps ♀ 55 lb or ♂ 75 lb, to focus on proper technique. It’s crucial to maintain form over speed to avoid injury and build a solid foundation.

  • ♀ Beginners: 55 lb clean & jerks
  • ♂ Beginners: 75 lb clean & jerks

Intermediate Option:
As I progress and find balance between strength and form, increasing the weight becomes viable. A moderate jump to ♀ 75 lb or ♂ 115 lb is ideal.

  • ♀ Intermediate: 75 lb clean & jerks
  • ♂ Intermediate: 115 lb clean & jerks

For Elite Athletes:
Elite athletes may stick to the prescribed weights of ♀ 95 lb and ♂ 135 lb, or even scale up if it suits my training goals. It’s important to challenge myself but also listen to my body.

  • ♀ Elite: 95 lb clean & jerks (or scale up as needed)
  • ♂ Elite: 135 lb clean & jerks (or scale up as needed)

Scale Down for Injury or Balance:
I understand that some days, my body may not be up to the usual challenge due to recovery or balancing other workouts. On these days, I can scale down the weight or reduce reps to stay active while ensuring recovery and longevity in my fitness journey.

By scaling the workout to fit my ability and goals, I ensure progress toward becoming a stronger and more efficient athlete. I never forget to warm up properly to prepare my muscles for action and prevent strain, making every clean & jerk count. Now, let’s get lifting!

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My Experience with This CrossFit Workout

When I first tried the Grace CrossFit workout, I was both intrigued and intimidated. The objective was straightforward: complete 30 clean-and-jerks for time. As a fitness enthusiast who enjoys the adrenaline rush of CrossFit, this benchmark WOD presented a compelling challenge.

On my first attempt, excitement washed over me as I chalked up my hands. With 135 pounds on the barbell, visions of CrossFit legends like Rich Froning and Brooke Wells fueled my determination. Each rep was a battle against the clock, and I found myself pushing beyond limits I didn’t know I had.

  • Warm-up routine: Shoulder mobility, light cardio
  • Grace WOD: 30 clean-and-jerks for time
  • Weight used: 135 lbs
  • Time taken: 5 minutes and 17 seconds

What became evident was the importance of form over speed. Efficiency in the clean-and-jerk—catching the bar in the rack position and transitioning smoothly into the jerk—conserved my energy and improved my performance.

The community aspect was another highlight. Cheers and encouragement from fellow CrossFitters made each lift less daunting. I remember sharing my score of 201715 on Twitter and receiving a wave of support, which felt as rewarding as completing the workout itself.

While it was one of my more grueling workouts, the sense of achievement after finishing was unmatched. My times have improved since then, and the Grace CrossFit Workout has become a testament to my growth in both strength and technique. Every drop of sweat and every heavy breath was a step towards a fitter version of myself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grace CrossFit Workout

What is the Grace CrossFit workout?

The Grace CrossFit workout is a benchmark WOD consisting of 30 clean and jerks performed for time. It’s known for testing strength, power, and speed, challenging athletes to complete the reps as quickly as possible with proper form.

What are the grace standards for CrossFit?

The Grace CrossFit Workouts require athletes to perform 30 clean and jerks at a prescribed weight (135 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women) as quickly as possible. Proper form and full extension at the top of each jerk are mandatory for a rep to count.

What is grace exercise?

The grace exercise in the context of CrossFit refers to the clean and jerk movement performed during the Grace CrossFit workout. It combines a powerful clean from ground to shoulder with a dynamic jerk to bring the weight overhead.

What is the RX weight for grace?

The RX (prescribed) weight for the Grace CrossFit workout is 135 pounds for men and 95 pounds for women. This workout challenges athletes to manage this weight across 30 clean and jerk repetitions for time.

How many kg is grace CrossFit?

In kilograms, the Grace CrossFit workout is performed with approximately 61 kg for men and 43 kg for women. These weights challenge athletes to balance speed with technique in completing the clean and jerks.

What is the number 1 rule of CrossFit?

The number 1 rule of CrossFit is to prioritize safety and proper form above all else. This ensures that athletes can train effectively while minimizing the risk of injury, especially during high-intensity workouts like Grace CrossFit Workout.

What is your Grace CrossFit Workout time? I’d love to hear it down in the comments. Make sure to also try the Fran WOD and the Elizabeth CrossFit Workout.

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