Linda CrossFit Workout 2024 (My Best Tips & Tricks For You)

I absolutely love the energy and challenge that the Linda CrossFit Workout brings to the fitness world. Commonly known by the daunting nickname “3 Bars of Death”, this workout is a notable benchmark in CrossFit, designed to push strength and endurance to the limit. As a CrossFit enthusiast, I am always excited to tackle workouts like Linda because they provide a comprehensive test of one’s physical capabilities and progress.

all you need to know about linda crossfit benchmark workout in one infographic including structure and goal times of the wod

The routine is straightforward but grueling, consisting of three classic barbell exercises: deadlifts, bench presses, and cleans. The brilliance of Linda lies in its structure, which is a descending ladder of repetitions starting at 10 and working down to 1.

The weights for each exercise are based on my bodyweight, making the workout both personalized and scalable. The deadlift is set at 1.5 times my bodyweight, the bench press at my full bodyweight, and the clean at three-quarters of my bodyweight.

Step-by-Step Workout Structure

I’m about to embark on the thrilling Linda CrossFit workout, one of CrossFit’s notorious “Girl” WODs! This intense sequence is my opportunity to really push my strength limits. It’s a descending ladder of weightlifting that’s deceptively simple but wildly effective.

Here’s how I break it down:


Before starting, I make sure to get my muscles ready for the challenge. My warm-up includes:

  • Light cardio (jogging or rowing) for 5 minutes
  • Dynamic stretches focusing on hamstrings, chest, and shoulders
  • Practice sets with light weights for each exercise

The Workout:

The Linda CrossFit Workout consists of three classic lifts, and the challenge here is not just the load, but the volume too. The structure is a countdown from 10 to 1 reps for time:

SetDeadliftsBench PressCleans
101.5x bodyweight1x bodyweight0.75x bodyweight
91.5x bodyweight1x bodyweight0.75x bodyweight
11.5x bodyweight1x bodyweight0.75x bodyweight
Structure of the Linda CrossFit Workout

I begin with the deadlifts, power through the bench presses, and finally tackle the cleans. Each rep count must be completed before moving to the next round.

Cool Down:

After completing the workout, I ensure to have a proper cool down to aid recovery, including:

  • Light stretching
  • Foam rolling
  • Hydration and refueling with a balanced post-workout snack


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This combination of high-volume reps and moderate-load weightlifting is not just a test of strength; it’s a thrilling way to gauge my progress over time, making every drop of sweat count!

Do you want to level up or down? Here are your options:

Equipment for the Linda CrossFit Workout

When I gear up for the Linda CrossFit workout, affectionately known as the “3 Bars of Death,” I make sure I have the following essential equipment:

1. Barbell: The heart of the workout. I use three separate barbells for swift transitions between exercises.

  • Deadlift: A barbell loaded to 1.5 times my bodyweight.
  • Bench Press: A different barbell set to equal my bodyweight.
  • Clean: And a third barbell at 0.75 times my bodyweight.

2. Weights: I always have a variety of weight plates ready, allowing me to adjust each barbell to precisely match the required weights. This is crucial for tailoring the workout to my current fitness level.

3. Bench: For the bench press, I need a sturdy bench to support me as I push up the weight that matches my bodyweight.

Here’s a quick checklist I follow:

  • Barbells: 3
  • Weight Plates: Enough to load each barbell to the designated weights
  • Bench: 1 for bench press

I remember, safety is paramount. I always ensure that my setup is stable and that the collars are tight to keep the weights secure. I can’t overstate the excitement I feel when I see my equipment laid out before me. It’s more than a workout; it’s a testament to my strength and endurance, and each piece of equipment plays a vital role in helping me conquer the “3 Bars of Death.” Let’s do this!

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Benefits of the Linda CrossFit Workout

The Linda CrossFit workout, is a powerhouse when it comes to boosting both strength and endurance. My muscles ache just thinking about the gains!

Strength and Power Development

The combination of deadlifts, bench presses, and cleans in Linda is curated to maximize strength and power development. Each exercise targets crucial muscle groups for a full-body challenge:

  • Deadlifts: I hit my posterior chain hard, which includes muscles like the hamstrings and glutes—critical for functional strength.
  • Bench Presses: Pushing weight off the chest builds my pectoral, deltoid, and tricep muscles for that upper body power.
  • Cleans: This explosive lift demands full-body power, skyrocketing my ability to generate force quickly.

Scaling options allow for progression as one’s strength improves, ensuring that I’m consistently challenged regardless of my fitness level.

Endurance and Conditioning

The descending rep scheme—from 10 down to 1—tests my endurance as much as my strength. Here’s why:

  • Total Volume: Completing the full sequence of reps means I’m racking up a significant workout volume, enhancing my muscle stamina.
  • Pace: The for-time element encourages me to push my limits, conditioning my body to maintain intensity over time.

When I scale down the weights or rounds, I can tailor the workout to my current fitness, safeguarding progress while maintaining the spirit of intense exertion that CrossFit is known for. My conditioning levels soar as I advance through the reps.

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Performing the Different Movements

When I approach the Linda CrossFit workout, I’m always thrilled by the challenge it presents with its classic trio of movements: the deadlift, bench press, and clean. The key is focusing on maintaining good form throughout each exercise to perform the workout safely and effectively.

Correct Form and Techniques

Deadlifts: When I deadlift, I start with my feet about hip-width apart and the barbell over my shoelaces. My spine stays neutral, and I bend at the hips and knees to grip the barbell. I keep my back flat, head in line with my spine, and abs engaged. As I lift, it’s crucial to drive through the heels, keeping the bar close to my body, and power through with my hips—finally, locking out my elbows and knees at the top.

Bench Presses: On the bench press, I lie flat with my eyes under the bar, feet on the floor, and a grip just wider than shoulder-width. My whole body is tight and engaged. I lower the bar to the middle of my chest, keeping my wrists straight and elbows at about a 45-degree angle. Pushing through my feet, I extend my arms fully, locking out at the top.

Cleans: For cleans, I prefer to alternate between squat and power variations depending on my fitness level at the time. I start with the barbell just in front of me, a setup similar to the deadlift. The lift is explosive—pulling the bar up to my shoulders, rotating my elbows under fast. In a squat clean, I catch the bar in a front squat position, with a full squat depth, driving up to stand. For the power clean, it involves only a partial squat, catching the bar when my thighs are not quite parallel to the ground.

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Exercise Variations

Deadlifts: If I’m working with beginners or those who need scaling options, I may suggest a Romanian deadlift or a sumo deadlift. Both variations maintain the essence of the classic lift but can reduce strain and help work up to a traditional deadlift.

Bench Presses: To switch things up, especially if I’m dealing with less experienced individuals, I may incorporate dumbbell bench presses or incline bench presses. These variations can be less intimidating and help develop the stabilizing muscles.

Cleans: Starting with a hang clean is a fantastic way for beginners to get used to the movement. As I progress, I might shift to a power clean for more explosive power and then to a squat clean to work on depth and mobility. The focus is always on mastering the mechanics before increasing the weight or complexity.

Incorporating these movements with proper form and appropriate variations into the Linda WOD has always been an invigorating way to test and build my strength and skill.

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Scaling Options

Here’s how you can scale the Linda CrossFit Workout to match your level, may it be beginner, intermediate, or somewhere in between.

Beginner Level:
If you’re new to CrossFit, replacing the prescribed weights with lighter loads will help maintain the workout’s structure while ensuring safety and form. Start with:

  • Deadlift: ½ bodyweight
  • Bench Press:⅓ bodyweight
  • Clean: ¼ bodyweight

Perform fewer rounds, such as 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps, focusing on technique over speed.

Intermediate Level:
For those at an intermediate level, grip the bar with a touch more weight to find that sweet spot of challenge and manageability. Consider this structure:

  • Deadlift: ¾ bodyweight
  • Bench Press: ½ bodyweight
  • Clean: ⅓ bodyweight

Tackle a slightly higher rep sequence like 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 to amp up your grit while keeping a check on form.

High-flying athletes with the experience to back their might shouldn’t need to scale down. However, for days when fatigue prevails, minor adjustments can sustain the workout’s integrity without compromising on intensity.

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My Experience with the Linda CrossFit Workout

I remember my first encounter with the infamous Linda WOD, often dubbed the “3 Bars of Death.” The blend of deadlifts, bench presses, and power cleans caught my attention immediately. It’s not just a workout; it’s a benchmark by which I measure my progress.

When I initially tackled the Linda CrossFit Workout, the rep scheme of descending from 10 to 1 felt invigorating yet immensely challenging. My strategy was simple, deliberate:

ExerciseStarting WeightFinishing Weight
Deadlift1.5x bodyweightAdjusted as needed
Bench Press1x bodyweightAdjusted as needed
Power Clean0.75x bodyweightAdjusted as needed
Expierience with Linda CrossFit Workout

The first set of 10 across all three exercises tested my mettle. But as I moved down in reps, I saw not only my strength but also my willpower rising to the occasion. Each subsequent workout, I came back to Linda a bit stronger, shaving seconds off my previous time.

While the Linda WOD remains a grueling test of strength and endurance, it’s my personal yardstick for fitness. Each time I grasp those bars, I feel a rush of excitement knowing I’m about to push my limits once more. It’s a tough love relationship, but one that has sculpted not just my body but my perseverance in all aspects of my life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Linda CrossFit Workout

What is a good time for the Linda CrossFit Workout?

A good time to aim for in the Linda CrossFit workout varies widely, but elite athletes may complete it in 20-25 minutes. This benchmark workout challenges strength, speed, and endurance.

What is the Linda workout routine?

The Linda CrossFit workout, also known as “3 bars of death,” involves 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of deadlifts (1.5x bodyweight), bench presses (bodyweight), and cleans (.75x bodyweight), performed for time.

What are the three bars of death in CrossFit Linda?

Linda CrossFit Workout, the “three bars of death” refers to the workout’s use of three heavy barbell movements: deadlifts, bench presses, and cleans. This challenging combination tests an athlete’s lifting prowess across a broad spectrum.

What weight is the Linda CrossFit Workout?

The weights for the Linda CrossFit workout are based on the athlete’s bodyweight: deadlifts at 1.5 times, bench presses at bodyweight, and cleans at .75 times bodyweight, adjusting as necessary to match individual capabilities.

How many reps is Linda?

Linda CrossFit Workout consists of a descending ladder of reps from 10 down to 1 for each of the three exercises: deadlifts, bench presses, and cleans. This totals 55 reps per movement, summing up to 165 reps across the entire workout.

How much do female Crossfitters weigh?

Female CrossFitters’ weights vary widely depending on height, muscle mass, and fitness goals. Competitive CrossFit athletes often have higher muscle mass, which may influence their weight, focusing on performance and strength rather than a specific weight category.

What is your time for the Linda CrossFit Workout? I’d like to hear about it in the comments. Make sure to also try the Lynne WOD and the Nancy CrossFit Workout.

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