Diane CrossFit Workout in 2024 (Best Tips & Tricks For You)

I’ve always been fascinated by the way CrossFit blends intense strength and endurance challenges, and the Diane CrossFit Workout is a shining example of this. This benchmark workout is a thrilling test that pits athletes against two fundamental movements: deadlifts and handstand push-ups.

With a deceptively simple format of 21-15-9 reps for time, Diane requires a combination of power and skill, making it a beloved staple in the CrossFit community.

all you need to know about diane crossfit benchmark workout in one infographic including structure and goal times of the wod

Executing the Diane CrossFit Workout with proper form and technique is paramount, as it demands a lot from your posterior chain during the deadlifts and requires considerable shoulder strength and balance for the handstand push-ups. The deadlifts test my pulling power, while the handstand push-ups challenge my upper body endurance in a completely inverted position.

Step-by-Step Workout Structure

I always begin with a solid warm-up, ensuring my body is primed for the intensity ahead. For a workout like Diane, this is crucial—it’s a fast-paced, heavy-hitting benchmark workout that tests both my strength and skill. Here’s how I tackle the structure of Diane:

  1. Movements: I set up for two classic exercises—deadlifts and handstand push-ups.
  2. Rep Scheme: Diane follows a 21-15-9 format. That means I power through 21 deadlifts, transition into 21 handstand push-ups, then 15 of each, and finally, 9 of each.
RoundDeadliftsHandstand Push-Ups
The Diane CrossFit Workout Scheme
  1. Transitions: Quick and efficient transitions are key. I drop the bar and kick up into my handstand with minimal rest to keep the momentum going.
  2. Scaling Options: If I’m not up for the prescribed weights or the handstand push-ups, I scale down. It’s about maintaining a high-intensity rhythm while pushing my limits safely.
  3. Intensity and Pacing: Diane is a sprint. I manage my pace—fast but consistent. Blazing through the first round and burning out is not how I aim for my best time. It’s about rhythm and consistency.

Unlike Elizabeth CrossFit Workout, another well-known CrossFit benchmark, Diane doesn’t include the Cleans movement, but it requires just as much strategy to perform effectively.


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My focus is on a controlled, yet excited approach, respecting the classic nature of the workout while pushing for a personal achievement.

Do you want to level up or down? Here are your options:

Equipment for the Diane CrossFit Workout

When I get ready for the Diane CrossFit workout, I make sure I have the right equipment to crush my personal records. The essentials are simple, yet pivotal to the workout’s effectiveness and my safety.

Barbell and Weights

My barbell is the centerpiece for tackling the deadlifts in the Diane CrossFit Workout. I go for a standard Olympic barbell that weighs 20kg (45lbs). For the weights, I load my barbell with enough weight plates to reach 225 lbs, which is the prescribed weight for males—155 lbs for females. The weight should be tailored to my current fitness level while still providing a challenge.

Mat and Space for Handstand Push-Ups

I ensure I have enough space and a sturdy wall for my handstand push-ups. I use a padded workout mat to cushion my head for each rep. The mat is key to maintain comfort and reduce the risk of injury while I’m inverting my body against the wall. A Yoga mat often works well for this purpose.

Kettlebell or Dumbbell for Variations

Occasionally, I add kettlebells or dumbbells into my routine for variety. While not traditional for the Diane CrossFit Workout, they’re great for scaling the workout or if I’m focusing on unilateral movements. A pair of kettlebells or dumbbells can replace the barbell for deadlifts if I’m training at home or if a barbell isn’t available, using a weight that is challenging yet doable for the rep scheme.

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Benefits of the Diane CrossFit Workout

I’m thrilled to dive into the brilliant benefits the Diane CrossFit workout offers. It’s an exceptional blend of strength, endurance, and technique refinement, solidifying its status as a powerhouse among benchmark workouts.

Building Strength and Power

The Diane workout is celebrated for its remarkable capacity to build muscular strength and power. The deadlifts, with a recommended weight of 225 lbs for men and 155 lbs for women, place a significant load on my posterior chain—my hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Completing this exercise repeatedly not only enhances my overall strength but also contributes to muscle growth in these areas.

Promoting Endurance and Cardiovascular Health

The structure of Diane, with its descending repetitions of 21-15-9, pushes me to my cardiovascular limits, thereby boosting my endurance. Juxtaposing heavy deadlifts with handstand push-ups keeps my heart rate elevated throughout the workout, which benefits my cardiovascular health and helps me develop a tenacious endurance capacity.

Enhancing Skill and Technique Through Variations

Mastering the handstand push-ups within Diane has been a game-changer for my skill and technique development. Over time, I’ve introduced variations to refine my form and increase the challenge. These adaptations can range from increasing the deadlift weight to varying my handstand push-up technique, effectively turning a familiar workout into a new beast that continues to sharpen my fitness skills.

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Performing the Different Movements

In the Diane CrossFit Workout, mastering the movements of deadlifts and handstand push-ups is crucial. I’m going to guide you through each exercise and provide some scaling options, ensuring everyone from beginners to advanced athletes can take part safely and effectively.

Deadlifts for Overall Strength

Deadlifts are the backbone of the Diane workout, targeting my overall strength. When performing deadlifts, I focus on the following:

  • Load: The prescribed load is typically 225 pounds for men and 155 pounds for women.
  • Form and Technique: Proper form is essential. I make sure my back is flat, hips, and shoulders rise at the same time, and the bar stays close to my legs throughout the lift.
  • Coach’s Advice: I never hesitate to ask for a coach’s input to correct my form, helping to prevent injury and improve my efficiency.

Handstand Push-Ups for Upper Body Strength

This movement targets my upper body strength, core stability, and coordination. My approach varies based on proficiency:

  • Strict Handstand Push-Ups: Without momentum, I lower my head to the ground and push back up, focusing on using my shoulder strength.
  • Kipping Handstand Push-Ups: For efficiency, I involve a bit of leg kick to aid the upward motion.
  • Form: I maintain a tight core and avoid arching my back to protect my spine and improve power transfer.

Scaling Options for Different Skill Levels

Not everyone can start with the full movements, so here’s how I can scale:

  • Deadlifts: I reduce the weight to maintain form but still challenge my strength.
  • Handstand Push-Ups:
  • Pike Push-Ups: A scaled-down version where I keep my feet on the ground and hips high, simulating the handstand push-up motion.
  • Regular Push-Ups: If I am still working on my overhead strength, regular push-ups are a great alternative to build that foundation.

My mantra is to scale as needed and progress steadily. With consistent practice and attention to form, I aim to tackle the Diane CrossFit Workout with the prescribed movements and loads.

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My Experience with the Diane CrossFit Workout

My journey with the Diane CrossFit workout has been an invigorating challenge. I remember when I first encountered this benchmark WOD; it felt like an ego check. Diane consists of a simple couplet – deadlifts and handstand push-ups, but don’t let the simplicity deceive you. It’s a test of both strength and skill, perfect for anyone looking to track their progress in CrossFit.

Initially, my purpose was just personal improvement, but soon it evolved into a friendly competition with my peers. Although at times, I’ve had to be wary of injuries, ensuring proper form, especially during the deadlifts to avoid any back strain.

During the CrossFit Games season, Diane is often referenced or included in some form, showcasing the intensity and athletic prowess required to compete at that level. I’ve been inspired by top athletes like Dan Bailey, who approach these workouts with amazing speed and technique.

The world record times for Diane are mind-blowing. Pushing myself to improve my time not only spurs my competitive side but also gives me a tangible goal to aim for. Each time I perform Diane, I feel exhilarated. It’s become more than a workout; it’s a measure of my fitness and dedication to pushing my limits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diane CrossFit Workout

What is the average time for Diane CrossFit?

The average time for completing the Diane CrossFit workout typically ranges between 5 to 15 minutes. This benchmark WOD challenges athletes with 21-15-9 reps of deadlifts and handstand push-ups, testing both strength and skill.

What weight is Diane CrossFit?

In the Diane CrossFit workout, the prescribed weight for deadlifts is 225 pounds for men and 155 pounds for women. This weight challenges the athlete’s lifting capability while maintaining the intensity of the workout.

What is the 21 15 9 strategy?

The 21 15 9 strategy in CrossFit refers to a popular rep scheme used in workouts like Diane CrossFit Workout. It’s designed to test metabolic conditioning and strength under fatigue, with the descending reps allowing for intensity maintenance as fatigue sets in.

What is Nancy CrossFit?

Nancy CrossFit is a benchmark workout consisting of 5 rounds of a 400-meter run and 15 overhead squats (95 lbs for men, 65 lbs for women). It tests cardiovascular endurance alongside strength and stability in the overhead squat.

What is Karen CrossFit?

Karen CrossFit is a benchmark workout known for its simplicity and challenge, consisting of 150 wall balls (20 lbs for men, 14 lbs for women) to a 10-foot target. It’s a test of endurance, leg strength, and mental grit.

What is Gwen CrossFit?

Gwen CrossFit is a unique workout focusing on clean and jerk technique and strength. The challenge involves 15-12-9 reps of clean and jerks, with athletes choosing a weight they can manage across all sets without letting the barbell go or resting it on the ground.

What is your time performing the Diane CrossFit Workout? Tell me in the comments. Make sure to also try the Helen CrossFit Workout and the Eva WOD.

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