Top 9 Mens 80s Workout Clothes in 2024 (Retro Vibes Fitness)

Mens 80s workout clothing wasn’t just about function; it was a bold fashion statement and a pivotal part of the era’s fitness craze. The 80s ushered in a wave of enthusiasm for health and exercise, a trend that was mirrored in the vibrant and often outlandish workout gear of the time.

Best Mens 80s Workout Clothes

Whether you’re hitting the gym or dressing up for a themed event, these garments are sure to make a statement while keeping you comfortable. Let’s dig into the specifics and reminisce about some of the quintessential pieces that defined men’s fitness fashion during the unforgettable 80s era. 🚀

1. Workout Gym Retro Tank Top

Overall Pick
Workout Gym Retro Tank Top


✅ Nostalgic design truly captures the 80s workout spirit.

✅ Wide range of sizes to suit different body types.

✅ Machine washable, easy care material adds to convenience.


❌ Fit might not be as expected; consider sizing adjustments.

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06/18/2024 03:52 pm GMT

I’m totally stoked about this tank for anyone digging that classic mens 80s workout clothes vibe.

The 80s SMMBYV brand has nailed it with their throwback workout gear. I get the feeling it’s not just exercise apparel; it’s about representing an era of bold style and fun. Their Workout Gym Retro Tank Top is a surefire way to bring some of that unabashed spunk to your gym wardrobe or themed party.

In this modern world, it’s a blast to infuse a bit of the past into my daily grind. Whether you’re looking to spice up your gym attire or needing a centerpiece for your next costume party, this tank has got your back. The compliments will roll in as you flex those muscles with a side of retro cool.

2. Mens Sexy Short Shorts 70s 80s

3000+ Happy Customers
Mens Sexy Short Shorts 70s 80s


✅ Vibrant color that stands out in a crowd

✅ Lightweight fabric for maximum comfort during workouts

✅ In-built lining for support and privacy


❌ Not for those preferring a looser fit or longer length

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06/18/2024 04:23 pm GMT

If you’re aiming for that classic ’80s gym vibe, these vibrant shorts will hit the mark with style and comfort.

These shorts scream ’80s with their striking yellow color and snug fit. I imagine wearing them instantly transports you to a time of high-energy aerobics and bold fashion statements. Their 100% polyester fabric promises to keep you cool and dry as you push through your workout routine.

Despite their many highlights, the shorts come with a few drawbacks that are important to consider. They’re quite short, so they might not be the best choice of mens 80s workout clothes if you’re shy about showing off your legs.

3. Red White and Blue Sweatbands Set and Striped Socks

Best Style Pick
Red White and Blue Sweatbands Set and Striped Socks


✅ Brimming with nostalgic style, perfect for themed events

✅ Made of comfy, breathable fabrics for a pleasant wear

✅ Versatile, suitable for a wide range of sports and activities


❌ Socks might feel too thin if you prefer more cushioning

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06/18/2024 05:23 pm GMT

I find this Sweatbands throwback set ideal for anyone looking to rock that vintage workout vibe or add a pop of patriotism to their athletic ensemble.

Crafted with a focus on comfort, the cotton-rich fabric promises a snug fit and excellent sweat absorption. I especially appreciate how this gear caters to various athletic pursuits. Whether it’s jogging, yoga, or team sports, this set keeps pace with your active lifestyle.

4. Mens 80s Workout Clothes Costume

Best Costume Pick
Mens 80s Workout Clothes Costume


✅ Striking nostalgic design

✅ Stretchy material for a comfortable fit

✅ Good for various costume occasions


❌ One-size-fit can be hit or miss

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06/18/2024 04:10 pm GMT

I’m jazzed to talk about something that brings back the flair and funk of the mens 80s workout clothes. This workout gear is more than just clothing; it’s a ticket to the past with its vibrant color scheme and retro style. Imagine rocking this ensemble at a costume party; you’re bound to turn heads and stir up some nostalgic conversations.

I must point out though, that if you’re not one for handwashing, this may be a slight drawback. Keep in mind the outfit’s ‘one-size-fits-most’ approach. If it doesn’t fit, look for other mens 80s workout clothes.

5. Jogger Sweatpants for Mens 80s

Authentic Design
Jogger Sweatpants for Mens 80s


✅ Ideal for themed events and casual wear

✅ Comfortable fit with durable material

✅ Machine washable for easy care


❌ May not appeal to those preferring subtle fashion

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06/18/2024 04:40 pm GMT

If you’re aiming to nail that classic 80s look with modern comfort, these joggers are a fantastic pick.

When I think of 80s workout apparel, vibrancy and boldness come to mind. The Fashion 80s Style Jogger Sweatpants encapsulate that essence perfectly. With a nostalgic animal print pattern, worn today, they make quite the statement piece for both themed occasions and casual lounging around the house.

Boat Interior Design an example of mens 80s workout clothes shown by a man standing on a field
by Pinterest

6. Vintage Shirts and Shorts Set

Casual Pick
Vintage Shirts and Shorts Set


✅ Eye-catching vintage design

✅ Quick-dry fabric for comfort

✅ Versatile for parties or casual wear


❌ Might fit tighter than expected

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06/18/2024 05:09 pm GMT

Capturing the free-spirited vibe of the mens 80s workout clothes, this retro workout set can easily become a conversation starter at any gathering. Its vibrant colors and pattern emulate the decade’s bold fashion sense. The material, a blend of polyester and spandex, is a modern convenience, allowing the suit to dry quickly when a beach day turns into a beach party.

However, I would be mindful of the sizing recommendations and consider going a size up for a better fit, as some reviewers have noted the outfit can be snug.

7. Sweatbands (Headband/Wristband Set)

Perfect as Present
Sweatbands (Headband/Wristband Set)


✅ Vibrant throwback appeal for 80s-themed events

✅ High cotton content for comfort and washability

✅ Non-slip functionality suitable for various sports


❌ One-size option may not fit all users perfectly

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/18/2024 07:23 pm GMT

I believe if you’re into retro fitness fashion or dressing up for a themed event, this neon blue sweatband set is spot on!

Picture yourself hitting the gym or performing a CrossFit track workout with these eye-catching accessories. Their vivid hue invokes a sense of nostalgia, perfect for making a statement or simply brightening up your workout wardrobe.

8. Super Mario 80’s Tank Top

I’m thrilled about the throwback vibe this Super Mario 80’s Tank Top radiates, ideal for fans of the classic game looking to add a dash of nostalgia to their wardrobe.

The fabric quality and care options offer versatility and convenience, ensuring that this piece is not just a novelty but a comfortable addition to your casual wear. Its unique design stands out from the usual merchandise, giving it that special edge for fans.

Overall, I’m stoked about the distinctive style and nostalgic journey this Super Mario tank top offers. It’s a wearable piece of gaming history that is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go.

9. Mens Vintage Stretch Swim Trunks

41+ Cool Options
Mens Vintage Stretch Swim Trunks


✅ Stylish vintage design catches the eye

✅ Quick-drying fabric makes them practical for water activities

✅ Four-way stretch material offers superior comfort and mobility


❌ Some might find the fit too snug

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/18/2024 06:37 pm GMT

I’d recommend these trunks for anyone looking to make a splash with a throwback style and modern comfort.

Nostalgic yet functional, the quick-dry feature coupled with the four-way stretch fabric tick both boxes for style and performance. They’re suitable for an active day at the beach or lounging poolside.

The perfect blend of retro and contemporary, these swim trunks cater to those who love to stand out. The premium feel of the material is a testament to their quality, truly embodying the spirit of the ’80s with the benefits of today’s technology.

Buying Guide for Mens 80s Workout Clothes

When I’m on the hunt for authentic mens 80s workout clothes, the thrill of finding that perfect piece always gets my adrenaline pumping! Here are the key features I look for to ensure I’m choosing the best items for my energetic workouts:

Style & Color

I start by checking out the throwback styles. I keep an eye out for bold, vibrant colors and iconic patterns that scream 80s. Neon hues were all the rage, so anything that stands out is likely a good pick.

  • Colors: Neon, Pastel, Block Colors
  • Patterns: Stripes, Geometric Shapes

Comfort & Material

It’s key for the gear to not only look great but also feel comfortable. I prefer materials that are breathable and moisture-wicking. These keep me cool and dry, so I can keep moving without any discomfort.

Checklist for Comfort:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Moisture-wicking capability
  • Flexible for a range of movements

Fit & Function

Let’s talk fit. The 80s were known for a mix of both snug and loose fits. I make sure the clothes give me enough room to perform exercises without restriction. Functional features like elastic waistbands and adjustable straps are a plus for optimal fit and mobility.

  • Loose Shorts: For breathability and freedom of movement
  • Snug Tank Tops: Highlight muscle shape and provide support

Table of How Clothes Should Fit:

GarmentFit PreferenceMobility Requirement
Tank TopsSnugHigh
SweatbandsSnug but comfyLow
How should mens 80s workout clothes fit?

Considering these factors gets me geared up in a flash, ready to tackle my workout with the vibrant spirit of the 80s!

Did you like these mens 80s workout clothes? Leave me a comment. Check out the best Mens Workout Pants and some cool Workout Clothes Organizers as well.

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