The Best CrossFit Shorts Women 2024 (Top 7 Picks)

For women engaging in CrossFit, it’s not just about having the right mindset but also having the appropriate gear – which is where CrossFit shorts women come into play. These specialized shorts are designed to withstand rigorous workouts, allowing for a wide range of motion and providing comfort and support during lifts, squats, and sprints.

I’ve found that the key to finding the perfect CrossFit shorts is in the material and fit. The fabric should be lightweight and moisture-wicking to help keep cool and dry during intense sessions. Durability is also important since CrossFit workouts can include movements that might strain fabric like rope climbs or barbell work. The fit needs to be snug enough to stay in place but flexible enough to move with my body. This balance ensures that I can focus entirely on my workout, rather than adjusting my clothing.

When shopping for CrossFit shorts, I consider the length as well. Shorts that are too long can restrict movement, while ones that are too short may not provide adequate coverage during certain exercises. A mid-thigh length typically offers a perfect compromise. Additionally, features like a wide waistband can improve comfort and prevent the shorts from sliding down. It’s astounding how a small detail like this can drastically improve the workout experience.

I’ve realized that the right pair of CrossFit shorts for women should feel like a second skin, almost unnoticed while I crush my workouts, ensuring I’m supported every step of the way. With the multitude of designs and styles available, I’m confident that there’s a pair out there that matches both my personal preference and my training requirements, ready to take on the challenge of any WOD (Workout of the Day).

Top CrossFit Shorts for Women

I’m thrilled to share my picks for the best CrossFit shorts for women! The right pair can make a huge difference in your workout, offering comfort, mobility, and style. Whether you’re hitting a new PR or just starting your CrossFit journey, these shorts are designed to keep up with the intensity of your workouts. Get ready to elevate your training session with these top selections!

CRZ YOGA Biker Shorts

image 240

Slipping into these CRZ YOGA Biker Shorts truly elevates the workout experience with their luxurious feel and hardcore performance.


  • Their Butterluxe fabric is aptly named, offering a second-skin softness that’s unparalleled.
  • The high-waist design holds everything in without feeling restrictive.
  • Extremely versatile, transitioning smoothly from a gym workout session to casual lounging.


  • The sizing can be a bit tricky, so you might spend time finding your perfect fit.
  • May not be as snug on the lower hem for those with slimmer calves.
  • Limited to basic color options, which can be disappointing if you’re into vibrant workout wear.

Sliding into these shorts, the first thing you’ll notice is the Butterluxe fabric. It’s like a gentle hug around your hips and thighs; the softness is real. During my gym workouts, they move like a part of me – no awkward bunching or slipping down. The high waistband is a game-changer. It keeps everything nicely tucked in, and I’ve never had to pause my workout to adjust the shorts, not even during the most intense CrossFit sessions.

What’s more, the CRZ YOGA Biker Shorts refused to compromise on style for comfort. I threw on an oversized sweater over them for a quick coffee run post-workout, and the look was effortlessly chic. Despite the lack of super bright colors, the deep purple I chose received many compliments, and who knew that could make a day brighter?

I did have a little hiccup with the sizing initially, though. I’d recommend double-checking their size chart or even going for a trial and error approach to nail the perfect fit. Once that’s sorted, it’s a smooth ride, although the looser fit on the lower hem might not flatter everyone.

What truly stands out for me with these shorts is their functionality married with comfort. Whether it’s powering through squats or simply relaxing at home, they deliver. They’ve become a staple in my workout wardrobe, and I’m eyeing a second pair already. The buttery-soft experience is addictive, and I can’t recommend them enough for anyone serious about their fitness gear.

Epic MMA Gear Booty Shorts

image 243

I just gave these compression shorts a whirl during my CrossFit session, and I’m impressed with their performance and style.


  • Hugs the body perfectly, offering great support during intense workouts
  • The stretchy fabric is both comfortable and flexible, moving with me through every squat and lift
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors to match any workout gear


  • Some may find the 3-inch inseam a bit too short for their preferences
  • The pull-on closure might not be to everyone’s liking as it lacks adjustability
  • Hand wash only can be inconvenient for those used to tossing everything in the machine

Slipping into the Epic MMA Gear Booty Shorts made my latest CrossFit workout a breeze. The snug fit felt like a second skin, and I didn’t once have to pause and readjust mid-workout. Plus, their stretchiness allowed for full freedom of movement.

Whether I’m doing squats, lunges, or sprinting, these shorts keep up without bunching or slipping. They manage to balance compression and comfort without cutting into my skin, which can be a dealbreaker with some compression gear.

The array of colors really caught my eye – they are exactly what you need to add a pop of personality to your workout wardrobe. Just remember, while they’re great for active days or even doubling as yoga shorts, be ready to hand wash them to keep them looking and performing their best.


image 242

These CRZ YOGA shorts should be your go-to for a comfortable and supportive workout session.


  • Supportive high-waist design
  • Non-transparent fabric provides coverage
  • A variety of lengths available for personalized fit


  • Some colors may not match the display
  • Sizing can be tricky; consider ordering two sizes to find the best fit
  • Lack of pockets might be inconvenient for some users

Initially skeptical, I was dazzled by the comfort the CRZ YOGA shorts offered. The high-waist gave a snug fit without the squeeze, allowing me to lunge and squat with ease. It was like a second skin, hugging my curves just right. The variety of lengths is a brilliant feature, ensuring everyone finds their perfect match. I chose the 6-inch version and adore where it falls on my thigh. The movement is unrestricted, making them ideal for any high-intensity workout.

Yet, the fabric truly steals the show. It’s soft like a cloud, yet firm enough to provide ample coverage, ensuring I’m not giving a show when I bend over to lift weights. This matters because I’ve been in awkward situations before with less superior shorts. And they seem to hit the sweet spot between compression and comfort—something I value highly in my CrossFit gear.

I’ve always had a hassle with sizing, and these shorts were no different. I followed the advice of fellow reviewers and grabbed two sizes; thankfully, the extra small conformed to my frame better. There’s also this minor nuisance of having nowhere to stash my keys during a run. Some additional functionality like a discreet pocket would be a delightful improvement.

Overall, the CRZ YOGA shorts have become a staple in my workout wardrobe. They boast a solid construction and the fabric withstands multiple washes without losing its character. If you’re contemplating trying them out, I encourage it – they might just end up being your favorite.

Tough Mode WOD Shorts

image 244

I’d recommend these shorts for anyone who’s into intense workouts; they’re stylish and deliver on performance!


  • Wicks moisture effectively, keeping me dry during workouts
  • The fabric stretches and adapts to movement beautifully
  • Flattering design that’s both functional and stylish


  • Material can feel a bit rough on the skin
  • White interior layer may become visible when material stretches
  • Some may find the fit a bit too snug or revealing

After trying on the Tough Mode WOD Shorts for a series of workouts, I must say, they made a solid impression on me. The moisture-wicking technology was a lifesaver; I stayed surprisingly dry despite the sweat. They seemed to glide with my movements, offering a snug yet comfy fit, almost like a second skin without the squeeze.

The look of these shorts really upped my style game at the gym. They’re chic without screaming for attention, allowing me to focus on my workout with an extra boost of confidence. Plus, it feels good to wear something that not only performs well but also complements my shape.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The fabric, while sturdy, felt a bit scratchy at first. While working out, I did notice the white layer underneath peek through as I squatted, which wasn’t the best look. Additionally, these shorts are quite form-fitting, which is fantastic for showing off muscle definition but might not be everyone’s cup of tea for public gyms.

In summary, if you’re after a pair of crossfit shorts that blend functionality with a flattering cut, the Tough Mode WOD Shorts are a worthy contender—just be prepared for a close fit and a little break-in time for the material.

BALEAF Booty Shorts

image 239

I just tried the BALEAF Women’s Workout Shorts for my latest CrossFit session, and I think these are a solid choice for anyone looking for performance and style.


  • The stretchy, non-see-through fabric allows for a full range of motion and is perfect for squats.
  • An anti-slip strip keeps the shorts in position, so I can focus on my workout, not my wardrobe.
  • The low-rise cut and V-shaped back design provide a flattering silhouette that boosts confidence.


  • The low-rise style might not be comfortable for every body type.
  • Some might find the snug fit a bit too constricting.
  • Only one small inner pocket, so storage options are minimal.

When I slipped into these shorts, the first thing I noticed was the snug fit. The stretch fabric hugged my figure, giving me a shapely look without feeling see-through, no matter the exercise. The low rise and V-shaped design definitely accentuated my curves, and I felt great looking in the gym mirrors.

The silicone leg grippers are a game-changer. Throughout my vigorous CrossFit routine, they prevented any riding up, which meant I could leap, squat, and lift without any awkward adjustments. These little details make a big difference in keeping my focus laser-sharp on my form.

A minor downside I faced was the single inner pocket. While I appreciate a spot to securely stash my key, I’d love more space for essentials like my phone. That said, the simplicity could be a pro for minimalists who prefer to carry less during a workout.

Overall, these BALEAF shorts support an intense workout with confidence and comfort. If you’re tackling a sweaty session of thrusters and burpees, they’ll be your trusty companion.

Tough Mode Athletic Shorts

image 241

I absolutely think these shorts are a hit for any active wardrobe, especially due to their comfort and stretchiness.


  • Perfect blend of support and flexibility for workouts
  • No transparency issues, even in white
  • Handy lengths for personal style preference


  • Occasional riding up during intensive movements
  • Some may find the high-rise design less preferable
  • May shrink slightly after drying

The moment I slipped into Tough Mode’s Athletic Shorts, I knew they were made for action. The material is incredibly soft, almost like second skin, yet it doesn’t sacrifice on snugness. Wearing these, I felt the balance between tight enough to stay put and stretchy enough for freedom of movement.

With the double-layer feature, my concerns about see-through mishaps during squats were put to rest. This is a game changer, especially when opting for lighter colors. They really maintain your dignity in any position!

Choosing between the 3″ and 5″ lengths was a breeze for my personal style. I appreciate the versatility – shorter for running or longer for more coverage during lifting. Plus, the mid-rise cut is an added bonus for those who prefer a comfortable waistband that doesn’t dig in.

Overall, these Tough Mode shorts are a staple in my workout routine now. Despite a bit of riding up with leg-heavy exercises and potential shrinkage, they deliver performance and confidence. I can’t wait for my next CrossFit session with these!


image 238

These shorts should be a go-to for anyone needing a blend of comfort and functionality during workouts.


  • Deep pockets to secure personal items
  • High-waist design for excellent tummy control
  • Soft fabric that provides both comfort and durability


  • May fit snug around the waist for some
  • Sizing can be slightly off for those with leaner thighs
  • Not suitable for hand wash-averse individuals due to care instructions

After slipping into THE GYM PEOPLE Comfy Shorts for my morning run, I noticed immediately how the high-waist feature kept everything neatly in place, allowing me to focus on my pace rather than adjusting my outfit. The deep pockets are a real game changer, adeptly holding onto my essentials without any fear of them slipping out mid-stride.

The fabric felt like a second skin – stretchy and breathable, which is precisely what I look for in workout attire. It didn’t ride up, and I must say, they flatter my figure pretty well, giving that slight compression without restricting movement. Whether it’s yoga or a sweaty HIIT session, these shorts seem to handle it all without complaint.

One point to note is the snug fit around the waistband, which, while ensuring the shorts don’t slip, might feel a bit tight for some. Also, if you usually find yourself between sizes, I’d recommend sizing up to find that perfect fit. Lastly, hand washing might deter those who prefer tossing their gym wear into the machine – but trust me, these are worth the extra care.

Buying Guide


When choosing CrossFit shorts, I look for materials that provide both comfort and durability. A blend of polyester and spandex is my go-to because it offers stretch while maintaining shape.

  • Breathability: I prefer fabric that allows air flow to keep cool.
  • Moisture-Wicking: Sweat should be drawn away from the body.


The right fit is crucial for any workout. For CrossFit, I consider these elements:

  • Comfort: Shorts should neither restrict movement nor chafe.
  • Waistband: It should be snug but not too tight to avoid slipping during workouts.

Length and Cut

The length of the shorts affects my mobility and comfort. Here’s what I keep in mind:

  • A mid-thigh cut allows for a good range of motion.
  • Not too tight to prevent constriction.


Extra features can enhance my workout experience. Here’s what I find useful:

  • Pockets: Secure pockets come in handy for keys or a phone.
  • Gussets: A gusset crotch prevents tears from squats or lunges.

Style & Color

CrossFit is not only about functionality but also about feeling great. So, I pick colors and styles that boost my confidence.


It’s important to find a balance between quality and budget. I don’t skimp on quality but also don’t overspend for brand names.

MaterialHighMust be stretchy and durable
FitHighShould be snug without restricting
Length & CutMediumShould allow full range of motion
FeaturesMediumUseful for practicality
Style & ColorLowPersonal preference
PriceMediumFind a balance
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Frequently Asked Questions about CrossFit Shorts Women

I’ve gathered the most important questions to help you choose the perfect CrossFit shorts. My focus is on providing you with clear, concise info for your workout gear needs.

What features make for the best women’s shorts for CrossFit workouts?

The best CrossFit shorts for women offer a blend of flexibility, moisture-wicking fabric, durability, and a secure fit that prevents slipping during intense workouts. Look for a pair with a comfortable waistband and enough stretch to allow full range of motion.

How do I find the most flattering high-waisted shorts for my CrossFit routine?

To find flattering high-waisted shorts, consider those that shape and support your waist. Opt for shorts with a wide waistband to smooth the silhouette and ensure they are snug but not too tight to prevent any discomfort during movements.

Are there any ongoing sales for high-quality women’s CrossFit shorts?

To scout for sales on high-quality women’s CrossFit shorts, check online retailers, brand websites, and local sporting goods stores regularly. Signing up for newsletters and following brands on social media can also alert you to discounts and promotions.

What are the benefits of wearing Fleo shorts during CrossFit sessions?

Fleo shorts are designed for the rigors of CrossFit, with features like a high-rise waistband that stays in place and durable fabric that resists wear from barbells and gym equipment. They are also known for their bold designs which can boost my mood and confidence.

Which length of workout shorts is most recommended for women in CrossFit?

A mid-thigh length is often recommended as it provides a balance between coverage and freedom of movement. This length helps to prevent the shorts from riding up and ensures comfort without restricting any exercises.

How should I determine the right sizing when buying gym shorts for women?

To determine the right size for gym shorts, refer to the brand’s size chart and measure your waist and hips for accuracy. Consider the fit you prefer for working out, whether snug or slightly loose, and remember that gym shorts often have stretch for adjustable comfort.

Did you like one of the CrossFit Shorts Women? Let me know in the comments. Make sure to also look at CrossFit Jump Ropes and Run Resistance Bands.

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