Annie CrossFit Workout in 2024 (My Awesome Tips & Tricks)

The Annie CrossFit Workout is a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm that’s swept through CrossFit gyms worldwide. Every time I gear up for this high-intensity workout, I know I’m in for a blend of speed, precision, and core strength. It’s one of those iconic “Girl” workouts in CrossFit that’s brilliantly simple yet incredibly challenging.

all you need to know about annie crossfit benchmark workout in one infographic

I love that the Annie CrossFit workout is structured in a straightforward descending rep scheme. Starting at 50 reps and working down to 10, it includes a series of double-unders and sit-ups. This means that you’re not just testing your cardiovascular endurance with the jump rope, but also targeting your core stability with the sit-ups, making it a full-body fitness fest. It’s no wonder this workout is used as a benchmark WOD; it’s a true measure of progress and grit.

Step-by-Step Workout Structure

I adore the Annie CrossFit workout—it’s such an empowering and exhilarating benchmark workout! When I tackle Annie, I’m setting out on a journey that’s measured for time, aiming to complete it as quickly as I can while keeping good form. Here’s how I break it down, step-by-step:

  1. Double Unders

  • I start with 50 double-unders. These are the jump rope movements where the rope passes under my feet twice in one jump. It’s a skill that really gets my heart racing!

2. Sit-Ups

  • Right after that, I get down for 50 sit-ups. I ensure to make each one count by going for full range of motion, touching my toes each time.

I then move on to decreasing reps of 40, 30, 20, and finally 10, alternating between double-unders and sit-ups. The pattern looks like this:

The pattern of a classical Annie CrossFit Workout

If I’m working with beginners or someone needs modifications, I may suggest lowering the volume of reps to something more manageable like 25-20-15-10-5, or adding in assisted sit-ups.


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I love the rhythm the Annie WOD creates; it’s a true workout of the day (WoD) that challenges me, keeps me on my toes (literally), and offers a fantastic way to track my progress over time!

Do you want to level up or down? Here are your options:

Equipment for The Annie CrossFit Workout

When I gear up for the Annie CrossFit workout, my excitement peaks knowing that I only need a couple of things to power through. This simplicity is part of its charm and challenge! First and foremost, I grab my jump rope. A high-quality jump rope is essential for efficiently knocking out those intense double-unders. It’s a fantastic cardio tool that gets my heart rate up and works on my coordination and stamina.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I use:

  • Jump Rope: A smooth, adjustable jump rope for quick spins and consistent double-unders.
  • AbMat: For comfortable and effective sit-ups, an AbMat gives my lower back the support it needs. This ensures I can maintain form without strain.

No Need for Extra Gear

With no need for dumbbells, pull-up bars, boxes, or any heavy equipment, Annie allows me to focus on speed and form, making it a sublime test of endurance and skill. I love how it gives me a full-body workout emphasizing agility and core strength without the complexity of setting up different stations.

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Performing the Different Movements

When tackling the Annie CrossFit Workout, mastering the technique for its two key movements is exhilarating! The workout consists of a descending ladder of double-unders and abmat sit-ups, making it a test of both coordination and core strength. Let me guide you through perfecting each exercise.


Throughout my training, I’ve found that the key to nailing double-unders lies in maintaining a rhythm and using my wrists to spin the rope rather than my arms. I learned this move through a combination of practice and watching tutorials, focusing on:

  • Wrist Motion: Quick and small circles.
  • Coordination: Synchronizing my jumps with the rope’s speed.
  • Jump Height: Consistent and minimal off the ground.

If you’re new to double-unders, try scaling with single unders to build up your timing and confidence.


For the sit-ups, I ensure that I use an abmat to support my lower back, allowing for a full range of motion:

  • Positioning: The soles of my feet together, knees out to the sides.
  • Range of Motion: Extending all the way down, then coming up until my shoulders clear my hips.
  • Feet Anchoring: Optional, for increased stability.

When practicing abmat sit-ups, I make sure not to anchor my feet unless necessary, as it can sometimes allow me to use my hip flexors more than my abs.

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Benefits of the Annie CrossFit Workout

I absolutely love the Annie CrossFit workout for its diverse range of benefits! Firstly, endurance gets a massive boost. This workout requires stamina to complete a descending ladder of double-unders and sit-ups, pushing my cardio capacity each time I take it on.

When it comes to coordination, Annie is my go-to routine. Those double-unders aren’t just for show; they demand and develop superb hand-eye coordination and rhythmic timing. My agility has improved leaps and bounds since incorporating this routine into my fitness regime.

Annie caters to all fitness levels, which means whether I’m feeling like a beginner or ready to train like an elite athlete, I can adjust the intensity to match the stimulus I need. This flexibility ensures that I’m always challenged no matter where I am in my fitness journey.

Lastly, the simplicity of the workout belies the complex benefits it offers, making Annie a compact and efficient choice for increasing overall fitness. Here’s a quick list of the benefits I’ve experienced:

  • Cardiovascular endurance: sustained effort improves heart health.
  • Muscular endurance: numerous sit-ups strengthen the core.
  • Speed: quick succession of movements boosts my fast-twitch muscle response.
  • Coordination: fine-tunes my motor skills with each jump and sit-up.

Annie’s perfect equation of intensity and accessibility makes it an exciting, comprehensive workout option for anyone looking to elevate their fitness game!

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Scaling Options

When I approach the Annie workout, my goal is to make it accessible and challenging, no matter the fitness level. Here’s how I scale it:

  • Double-Unders to Single-Unders: If I’m not proficient at double-unders, I swap them out for single-unders. I follow a 2:1 ratio, doing double the amount of single-unders to keep the intensity up.
  • Reduce Reps: Beginners might reduce the reps. If 50 of each is too daunting, I might start with 30 and work my way up.
  • Sit-Up Modifications: For those new to sit-ups, I often anchor my feet or reduce the range of motion. Alternatively, I might hold a plank to build core strength.

This is how a scaled version of Annie CrossFit Workout might look for a beginner like me:

MovementStandard RepsScaled Reps
Double-Unders50-40-30-20-10100-80-60-40-20 (Single-Unders)
Sit-Ups50-40-30-20-1030-24-18-12-6 (Or Plank Hold)
Scaling options for the Annie CrossFit Workout

And remember, when I’m scaling, I must focus on form and range of motion over speed. Good luck, and let’s get after it!

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My Experience with the Annie CrossFit Workout

My first encounter with the Annie CrossFit Workout was at my local gym. I’d heard whispers of the notorious “CrossFit girls,” but nothing could have prepared me for Annie. Developed by Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s founder, these benchmark workouts are concrete tests for progress, and Annie is no exception.

During a session, my trainer, who happens to be a seasoned games athlete, introduced me to the workout. Greg Glassman himself named these workouts after women, and Annie Sakamoto, a gymnastics dynamo and one of the original CrossFit athletes, inspired this particular one. Embracing the spirit of CrossFit, which is about pushing limits and building a community, I dove right in.

I quickly learned this routine was not only about speed and endurance but precision too. The double-unders demanded coordination, while the Abmat sit-ups challenged my core strength. It felt incredible to dance through the ropes and crunch my way to the last set.

Since then, whenever “Gymnasty Annie” or the tougher “Awful Annie” is on the whiteboard, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement. I know I’ll leave the gym drenched in sweat but with a sense of accomplishment. Each time I tackle the Annie CrossFit workout, I benchmark my fitness, reflect on my growth, and set new goals. It’s a humbling reminder of why I fell in love with CrossFit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Annie CrossFit Workout

How do you scale Annie in CrossFit?

To scale the Annie CrossFit workout, athletes can modify double-unders to single skips or reduce the total number of reps. Similarly, sit-ups can be adjusted by reducing reps or modifying the movement to tailor the workout to various fitness levels.

What is the Angie CrossFit workout?

The Angie CrossFit workout is a grueling test of endurance, featuring 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats, all performed sequentially. This benchmark workout challenges athletes to complete all reps for time, pushing their limits in strength and stamina.

Who are the CrossFit nasty girls?

The CrossFit Nasty Girls are a trio of workouts named after female CrossFit athletes. These workouts, known for their intensity and challenge, include dynamic and high-volume exercises designed to test the limits of strength, endurance, and agility.

How long should 100 double unders take?

The time to complete 100 double unders varies by skill level. For experienced athletes, it might take under 2 minutes as part of workouts like the Annie CrossFit workout. Beginners may take longer, focusing on technique and consistency.

Is a 50 box jump good?

A 50 box jump is a solid performance, especially when executed with proper form and technique. It demonstrates good lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance, essential for dynamic movements in CrossFit and other high-intensity workouts.

How many jump ropes can you do in 1 min?

The number of jump ropes an individual can do in 1 minute varies widely based on skill and fitness level. Beginners might aim for 60-100 jumps, while more advanced athletes, especially those proficient in exercises like the Annie CrossFit workout, could exceed 200 jumps.

Did you finish the Annie CrossFit Workout? Tell me your time in the comments. Dont forget to also try CrossFit Running Workouts and Partner CrossFit Workouts.

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