10 Women Triathlon Clothing Essentials in 2024 (Get Ready)

Triathlon is an endurance sport combining swimming, cycling, and running in a single event. You need Women Triathlon Clothing for it. It’s demanding and requires not just rigorous training but also equipment that can transition smoothly between each discipline. Triathlon clothing for women is specifically designed to cater to this unique blend of activities. These garments need to be comfortable, quick-drying, and provide the right support for each segment of the race.

As a triathlete, I can attest to the importance of having the right apparel. A well-chosen tri suit can significantly impact performance and comfort. For women, it is essential to look for clothing that offers a snug but not constrictive fit, as well as materials that reduce drag in the water and are breathable on land. Chafing can be a real concern, so flat seams or seam-free designs are preferable.

When shopping for my triathlon gear, I pay attention to the fabric technology used, ensuring it offers sun protection, especially for those long hours under the sun during races. Pockets for nutrition, a quick-drying chamois, and an effective zip system are also critical. The clothing must perform at its peak throughout the swim, bike, and run without any need for change.

Having put my triathlon kit to the test in various races, I understand how vital each of these elements is. The right gear can make a difference, shaving seconds or even minutes off your time while keeping you comfortable throughout the race. Let’s take a closer look at the specific features to consider when selecting women’s triathlon clothing.

Top Women Triathlon Clothing

I’m thrilled to share my favorite women’s triathlon clothing picks designed to enhance performance and comfort. These choices offer the optimal blend of function, style, and durability to support any triathlon challenge.

MK Aurora Tri Top

image 139

After trying the MK Aurora Tri Top in my last race, I’m confident others would appreciate its performance and style.


  • Fabric feels lightweight and stretches without losing shape.
  • Mesh panels provide excellent breathability.
  • Vivid colors and design stand out in the crowd.


  • Lacks a built-in bra, requiring additional support.
  • Tends to ride up for those with a curvier figure.
  • Length may be too short for taller athletes.

Hitting stride on the bike, I noticed right away how the HYDRODYNAMIC fabric hugged my body without any pulling. My focus was on the race, not my gear.

Dashing into the transition, I appreciated the back pockets. They’re the perfect spot for a quick energy gel. On the run, the racerback design allowed for a full range of arm movement, crucial when pushing for that personal best.

Post-race, reflecting on performance is key, but so is comfort. This Tri Top delivered in both aspects, drying rapidly after the swim and through sweat-inducing segments. Despite a few hiccups like needing an additional sports bra and adjusting it back into place occasionally, I was quite taken with how it leveled up my triathlon experience.

Zoot Core Tri Tank

image 136

After trying it myself, I feel the Zoot Women’s Core Tri Tank is a versatile piece that won’t disappoint in your next race.


  • Tailored fit that stays put
  • Breathable fabric ensures quick drying
  • Useful rear pockets for essentials


  • Integrated bra missing for those who prefer it
  • Back pocket size could be larger
  • Vibrant colors might differ slightly online

I recently took this triathlon top for a spin, and I must say, it felt like a second skin. The snug fit meant no drag during the swim and no flapping on the bike ride. Transition times were a breeze thanks to the material that dried before I knew it. Out on the course, the mesh panels were a godsend, keeping me cool under the beating sun.

The bonus of rear pockets can’t be overstated. Though they could be larger, it was handy to have somewhere to stash my gels and small essentials. The cam lock zipper is another thoughtful touch, making it easy to adjust on the go, even while zipping through the bike course.

But let’s talk about visibility. The neon color options are not only stylish but also offer great visibility, which can be crucial during races. Though, keep in mind, if you’re set on a particular hue, the color that arrives might surprise you—mine was a tad different than expected.

Overall, this triathlon tank top brought my A-game without the bulk or discomfort. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or new to the sport, the Zoot Women’s Core Tri Tank is a reliable choice that won’t slow you down.

Disbest Yoga Tank Top

image 140

If you’re looking for a versatile yoga tank that keeps up with the most demanding workouts, the Disbest Yoga Tank Top is an excellent choice for its comfort and supportive fit.


  • Exceptional comfort during movement
  • Supportive built-in bra with removable pads
  • Breathable, stretchy material that stays put


  • May fit too snugly for some, careful with sizing
  • Potential for limited bust shape under certain conditions
  • Fit may vary for different body types

After my first wear, I immediately noticed the snug and comfortable fit of the Disbest Yoga Tank Top. Its polyamide, polyester, and spandex blend hugged my body perfectly, providing just the right amount of stretch without feeling restricting as I flowed from one pose to the next. The quick-dry feature came in handy, especially as I transitioned into a more intense sequence that had me working up a sweat.

The built-in bra is a game-changer. Usually, I’m skeptical about the support such tops provide, but this one surprised me. With the removable pads, I could adjust the level of coverage I wanted. During a brisk morning jog, nothing budged, and I felt completely secure throughout.

I’ve worn it to a few more sessions since, and each time it impressed me with its durability. It washes well, retaining its shape and vibrant neon pink color. While it truly excels in my yoga practice, I’ve since deemed this top a reliable piece for various activities, including cycling and swimming, making it a multifunctional staple in my triathlon attire. The slight padding ensures discretion, which I value highly.

However, one small issue I’ve encountered is that the snug fit, while flattering, can compress the bust. For those who prefer a more accentuated silhouette, this may not always hit the mark. Additionally, the fit is definitely something to watch out for; too small, and it’s too tight—too big, and it loses its supportive charm. I’ve learned to consult the measurement chart closely to find the right fit for my frame.

To sum up, the Disbest Yoga Tank Top is a vibrant, comfortable, and sturdy top that’s sustained me through numerous workouts. Despite the need to select your size carefully, its benefits like the stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric and reliable built-in bra make it a top I reach for time and time again.

CYTSH Triathlon Cycling Set

image 135

After a rigorous session, I can vouch that the CYTSH Triathlon Cycling Set stands out for comfort during intense cycling.


  • Superior breathability keeps me cool on long rides
  • Gel padding provides much-needed comfort during exhaustive triathlons
  • Anti-slip features in clothes and pants ensure everything stays put


  • The material quality might not withstand extensive use
  • Could experience color fading over time due to sunlight exposure
  • Limited sizing options for diverse body types may be an issue

This CYTSH Triathlon Cycling Set fits like a glove; the sizing was precise for my frame. Hopping onto the saddle, the first thing I noticed was the super-soft fabric against my skin. It felt luxurious yet functional, and the full zipper made slipping into it a breeze.

During the ride, the jersey’s wicking abilities really kicked in. It managed to draw sweat away efficiently, which is a godsend on sweltering days. Even when I pushed my limits uphill, I stayed surprisingly fresh.

What impressed me most was the padding. Not once did I adjust my seating position for comfort—a testament to the gel pad’s effectiveness. And those pockets! They were perfectly placed for grabbing a snack or storing my keys without them jingling around.

A few concerns did surface, however. Will it bear the brunt of constant use? The fabric, while comfortable, might not be the most durable. There’s the worry of the colors fading too, especially since I’m often cycling under the harsh midday sun. Plus, if you’re not within the standard size range, you might struggle to find a perfect fit, which is a deal-breaker for any cyclist.

Overall, the set promises great rides with just a few caveats. It’s not without its flaws, but for anyone getting into cycling or looking for an affordable outfit for casual triathlons, it’s a choice worth considering.

Zoot Core Tri Racerback

image 137

Just slipped into the Zoot Core Tri Racerback for today’s race, and I’m buzzing to share how it elevated my triathlon experience.


  • UPF 50+ protection for sunny day races
  • Quick-drying fabric that moves with you
  • Handy back pockets for essential snacks and gear


  • Sizing runs small; size up for the best fit
  • Can be too tight for comfort, even when sizing up
  • Limited stretch around the ribs and stomach for some

After taking the Zoot Core Tri Racerback for a spin, I noticed right away its snug, race-ready fit. The included built-in bra offered just the right amount of support, which saves time and reduces the hassle of layering separate pieces. Those back pockets? Genius. Carrying my gels and small items was a breeze, and nothing bounced around during the race.

The fabric really stood out to me. It’s not just that it dried quickly after the swim; it felt like a second skin on the bike and the run. Plus, the UPF 50+ protection was a game-changer on this particularly sunny day, making me worry less about sunburn and stay focused on my performance.

However, a heads-up on the sizing—it definitely fits on the small side. I had to size up for a more comfortable fit, and even then, it was tighter than expected. And if you have a wider midsection like I do, you might find the stretch around the ribs snugger than you’d like.

Wrapping up, the Zoot Core Tri Racerback is a sturdy option for triathletes looking for an all-in-one solution to racing apparel. Just ensure you get the sizing right for that premium experience, and you’ll be set to go.

QUEZT Triathlon Suit

image 134

I just finished a triathlon in this QUEZT suit, and it’s definitely a strong contender for your next race day.


  • Premium zippers glide smoothly, making changing hassle-free.
  • Comfortably snug fit that stays true even after long bike segments.
  • Impressive fabric quality that wicks sweat and protects against UV rays.


  • Limited color options may not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  • Single product review could signal the need for more buyer feedback.
  • The fabric’s longevity and performance beyond casual use are yet to be established.

I’m always on the lookout for triathlon gear that can keep up with the intensity of race day, and the QUEZT suit caught my eye. The full zipper meant no struggle to get it over my head after an exhausting swim. It hugged my body perfectly without any uncomfortable tightness or annoying slippage during the cycling and running portions.

The material really stood out to me. It felt luxe against my skin and did a fantastic job of managing sweat, which is crucial during those long, grueling hours. Plus, it doubled as a sun shield under the piercing midday rays.

However, I did notice the limited color variations. While this may not bother some, I like having more options to choose from. Also, with only one review available, I was skeptical at first. More community feedback would be reassuring. Lastly, while it was perfect for race day, I’m curious to see how the material holds up to rigorous training sessions over time.

Overall, this QUEZT suit could become a real gem for your triathlon adventures. It’s a solid piece with functionality at its core, probably contributing to a new personal best for me — and hopefully for you too!

Triathlete Endurance Tee

image 133

If you’re seeking comfort mixed with motivation while training or racing, this triathlon T-shirt is a great fit for your athletic wardrobe.


  • Incredibly comfortable fabric that stayed soft even after multiple washes.
  • The fit was exactly as expected, making it perfect for those long training days.
  • Inspirational artwork truly captures the triathlete spirit, providing an extra boost.


  • Limited color options might not appeal to every athlete’s preference.
  • The material blend might not be ideal for exceedingly hot conditions.
  • A tad more expensive than other T-shirts, possibly due to its specialized design.

Slipping into this Cool Triathlon Art T-shirt, I immediately noticed the premium feel of the fabric. Its breathability was appreciable during a brisk training run, helping me keep cool and focused. Furthermore, this shirt is more than just triathlon attire; it’s a statement of endurance and passion, demonstrated through its eye-catching artwork.

I was impressed by how the shirt retained its shape and comfort after a machine wash, something essential for athletes who live in their sportswear. Despite relentless practice sessions, it adeptly stood up to the usage, which is crucial when you’re putting in those extra miles.

Wearing this Tee felt like a silent cheerleader on my journey. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that resonates with the triathlon community’s dedication. My teammates even threw a few compliments my way. However, while the fabric’s blend might be soft and durable, during my most intensive training under the midday sun, it felt a smidge heavier than I would have liked.

Sparx Performance Tri Shorts

image 137

I just tried the Sparx Performance Tri Shorts, and they’re a solid choice for triathlon newbies who prioritize comfort and affordability.


  • The thin chamois offers enough padding without compromising comfort during the run.
  • Designed with a snug, flattering fit that moves with my body.
  • Attractive design, with a pop of bright pink that stands out.


  • The material might be too sheer for some, particularly at the back.
  • Padding may not suffice for long-distance cyclists.
  • Some may find the shorts small and less durable compared to others.

Using Sparx Performance Tri Shorts in my most recent off-road duathlon was a breeze. The chamois is thinner than usual, but it was perfect for transitioning from cycling to running without any discomfort. Their price point is quite reasonable, definitely making them worth considering for those getting into triathlons.

The aesthetics didn’t disappoint either; the highlighter pink detail adds a vibrant touch to my gear. Moreover, the wide waistband ensured that they stayed put, and I felt stylish throughout the race.

However, while out on the cycling course, I noticed the material is quite revealing when stretched, which could be a deal-breaker for some athletes who prefer more opacity. And although the shorts fit me well and felt right during short rides, I’d recommend adding an extra layer of cushion or considering other options for those planning longer bike legs.

Overall, the Sparx Performance Tri Shorts seem to strike a good balance between form and function, especially for short-distance triathlons and duathlons. Just remember, if you’re eyeing longer distances, you might need to adjust your comfort expectations or look at additional padding options.

SLS3 Tri Top

image 138

After trying out this triathlon top, I’d say it’s ideal for athletes who value comfort and require quick-dry capabilities for a seamless transition between race segments.


  • Snug, true-to-size fit avoids unwanted movement during intense activities.
  • The gripper hem is a game-changer—no riding up, even when I’m hunched over my handlebars.
  • Rapid moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry, enhancing performance.


  • No built-in bra means additional layering is required, which might affect some competitors.
  • While incredibly grippy, some may find the hem’s snugness a tad restrictive.
  • The fitting runs small, a heads-up for those who prefer a more relaxed cut.

When I slipped on the SLS3 Tri Top for my latest event, it struck the right balance between a sleek design and functional prowess. It hugged my body comfortably without feeling restrictive, thanks to its accurate sizing guide. Nothing’s more annoying than a top that hikes up mid-race, but the stay-in-place gripper hem on this one worked wonders, staying put in every discipline.

In the heat of competition, I appreciated the top’s advanced fabric. The material managed sweat impressively, wicking it away and drying rapidly. That kept me cooler for longer, a definite edge in endurance sports. And the flatlock seams? They’re a blessing, warding off any signs of chafing as I racked up the miles.

As for practicality, the back pocket is an excellent addition. It’s positioned just right for snagging an energy gel mid-stride or mid-pedal. Making do without an in-built shelf bra might not work for everyone, but for me, the freedom to pair it with my preferred sports bra was a plus. Despite this minor drawback and the potential sizing issue, the benefits are undeniable. This top isn’t just about looking good—it’s primed for performance.

Pearl iZUMi Tri Shorts

image 132

I’d definitely recommend these tri shorts for their comfort and durability, especially for those in need of reliable gear in their triathlon journey.


  • The fit is snug and flattering, contouring well during every leg of the triathlon.
  • Fabric quality feels premium, offering a good balance between durability and comfort.
  • The quick-dry feature is a lifesaver, especially transitioning between events.


  • The padding could be a bit too thin for those accustomed to longer rides.
  • Sizing can be tricky, so consider ordering a size up if you’re between sizes.
  • The drawstring waist, while functional, may require some fidgeting to get just right.

Slipping into these tri shorts immediately inspired confidence in their ability to perform. The mid-rise design provided a secure fit without feeling restrictive, vital for the varied movements in a triathlon. Swimming, cycling, or running, I felt supported in all the right places.

The craftsmanship Pearl iZUMi is known for is evident throughout. The nylon-Lycra blend moved with me, maintaining its shape over many uses. I appreciated this resilience, particularly after multiple cycles through the washing machine – a testament to their build quality.

However, I did notice the padding falls short for longer bike segments. Comfort isn’t substantially compromised, but this is an important consideration if you’re used to more cushioning. Additionally, getting the right size may take a guess and a half — they run a bit tight, and I saw my form outlined more than I’d prefer when trialing the smaller end of my usual range. The drawstring waist, while initially slightly bothersome, turned out to be a minor issue once adjusted correctly.

In essence, the Pearl iZUMi Women’s SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts blend performance with style, despite minor sizing and padding concerns. My experience indicates they’re an asset for any triathlete focused on achieving personal bests without skimping on comfort or quality.

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Buying Guide for Women Triathlon Clothing

Fit and Comfort

I always prioritize how my triathlon clothing fits and feels. It’s pivotal for the clothes to be snug yet flexible to prevent drag in the water and allow complete freedom of movement during cycling and running. Look for flat seams and a chafe-free design to increase comfort over long distances.

  • Fit: Snug but not restrictive
  • Seams: Flat or covered
  • Material: Stretchable and soft against the skin

Material and Durability

The material should be quick-drying, breathable, and offer good compression to aid muscle fatigue. Another thing I check is the durability of the fabric against chlorine and saltwater.

  • Quick-Drying: Yes
  • Breathable: Yes
  • UV Protection: Preferred
  • Chlorine and Saltwater Resistant: Yes

Features and Functionality

Essential features like pockets for nutrition, a non-absorbent chamois, and a front zipper for temperature control are what I look for. The chamois should be thin enough for the run while providing enough padding for the bike.


Style and Visibility

I love gear that comes in vibrant colors not only because of how they look but also for visibility during the race. Choosing high-visibility clothing can improve safety, especially in open water swims and on the road.

  • Colors: Bright and reflective
  • Visibility: High, to ensure safety

When selecting triathlon clothing, I make sure all these factors are considered to find the best fit for my needs, enhancing performance and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Women Triathlon Clothing

I’m thrilled to share insights on women’s triathlon clothing that can make a huge difference in both comfort and performance.

What are some top-rated women’s triathlon clothing brands?

Top-rated brands that I’d recommend include Zoot, Roka, and TYR. These brands have consistently received high praise for their quality, comfort, and durability in triathlon suits.

What makes the best women’s triathlon suit stand out?

The best women’s triathlon suit stands out due to its ergonomic fit, quick-drying fabric, and optimal compression. Superior suits also feature chafe-resistant seams and UPF sun protection.

How do triathletes choose a suit for varying weather conditions?

I choose a suit based on breathability for hot conditions and thermal protection when it’s cooler. A versatile option is a sleeveless suit for hot weather or a full-sleeved suit made from thicker material for colder temperatures.

Are there specific triathlon clothing options for plus-size women?

Yes, brands like SLS3 and Coeur offer plus-size options. These cater to a range of body shapes, ensuring that all female triathletes have access to high-quality, performance-oriented triathlon clothing.

Can you share tips on what to wear under a women’s trisuit?

I suggest wearing a quick-dry sports bra underneath. For additional comfort, some athletes prefer to wear specially designed triathlon shorts with a thin, quick-drying pad.

What do female triathletes typically wear during a race?

During a race, I wear a one-piece trisuit or a two-piece kit with a sleeveless top and tri shorts. These are designed for swimming, cycling, and running, providing seamless transitions between each event.

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