When Can I Workout After Getting a Belly Piercing 2024?

Navigating the healing process after a belly piercing can be tricky, especially for fitness enthusiasts. “When Can I Workout After Getting a Belly Piercing?” guides you safely returning to your exercise routine.

When Can I Workout After Getting a Belly Piercing?

Your new belly piercing is more than just a stylish accessory; it’s a fresh wound that requires time to heal. Typically, the initial healing period for belly piercings ranges from 8 to 12 weeks.

However, everyone’s body is unique, and your piercing may heal quicker or take a bit longer. During this time, the piercing is prone to tenderness, swelling, and risks of infection if not looked after properly.

Healing times may vary:

Healing StageApproximate Duration
Initial Healing Period (most critical)8 to 12 weeks
Full Healing Process6 months to 1 year

Remember that signs of healing include a reduction in tenderness, absence of redness, and the site not feeling hot to the touch.

First Steps After Piercing

The professional piercer will likely apply a bandage to protect the area right after you’ve gotten your piercing. Following your piercer’s recommendation, this bandage can generally be removed after a few hours. Immediate aftercare is critical, so here’s what you should do:

  1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching or cleaning the piercing.
  2. Clean the area with a sterile saline solution—twice daily is a good rule of thumb.

Remember to wear breathable, loose clothing to avoid irritation and to let the skin around your navel piercing breathe. It’s also essential to steer clear of bodies of water like pools or hot tubs during the initial healing period, as they can introduce bacteria to the piercing wound.

Getting Active Safely

When to Resume Exercise

  • Wait Period: 8-12 weeks is recommended before resuming any physical activity. This allows your piercing to undergo initial healing.
  • Listen to Your Body: If you feel discomfort or irritation, it’s your cue to hold off and allow more healing time.

Appropriate Workouts Post-Piercing

  • Safe Activities: Stick to low-impact exercises like walking, yoga, or cycling that minimize belly movement and avoid direct pressure on your piercing.
  • Gym Precautions: When returning to the gym, use clean towels and clean your hands before touching your piercing. Avoid shared equipment that might contact your belly.
  • Clothing Choice: Wear loose, breathable fabrics to reduce friction and allow air circulation around the piercing site.

Preventing Complications

A person with a fresh belly piercing waits, holding workout clothes, while a calendar on the wall marks the date for safe exercise

Identifying and Avoiding Risks

To kick off your healing journey on the right foot, it’s all about steering clear of activities that could spell trouble for your new belly piercing.

  • Avoid Tight Clothing: Steer clear of clothes that hug your belly too tightly; they can irritate your piercing.
  • Stay Away from Bodies of Water: For the first few weeks, lakes, pools, and hot tubs are a no-go zone to prevent bacteria from causing an infection.
  • Mind Your Workout Gear: If you’re into sports, choose a sports bra that doesn’t rub on your piercing and keep tight gym clothing to a minimum.
  • Be Gentle During Activities: Even when engaging in low-impact exercises like yoga or pilates, be mindful of movements around your midsection.

Maintaining Piercing Hygiene

Your belly piercing is like a small wound that needs tender love and care to heal without a hitch.

  • Clean Regularly: Clean around the piercing daily with a mild saline solution. It’s your best ally in keeping bacteria at bay.
    Before Exercise After Exercise
    Clean piercing area Shower and clean area
  • Handle with Care: Always touch your piercing with clean hands and avoid fiddling with it unnecessarily.
  • Piercing Aftercare Products: Invest in recommended aftercare products that promote healing and prevent complications.
  • Observe and Act: Look for red flags like discharge, pain or swelling, and infection. If you notice any of these, seek advice from your professional piercer.


Can you workout with a new belly button piercing?

It’s best to avoid strenuous workouts with a new belly button piercing to prevent irritation and facilitate healing.

How long after getting a belly button piercing can you take it out?

You should wait until the piercing is fully healed, typically 6 months to 1 year, before taking it out.

Is sweat bad for a belly button piercing?

Sweat isn’t bad for a belly button piercing, but it’s important to keep the area clean to prevent infection.

When can you start laying on your stomach after a belly button piercing?

You can start laying on your stomach after a belly button piercing once it feels comfortable and is no longer sensitive, usually after a few weeks.

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