When Can I Workout After BBL in 2024? Surprising Insights

Post-operative care is crucial for maintaining the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift, and that includes knowing when to resume physical activity. “When Can I Workout After BBL? Surprising Insights” offers expert advice on timing your workouts post-procedure.

When Can I Workout After BBL?

After your Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), knowing when to reintroduce exercise into your routine safely is crucial for maintaining your new contour and ensuring proper healing. Your road to recovery involves closely monitoring swelling and bruising while wearing a compression garment to facilitate healing.

Initial Recovery Phase

During the initial recovery phase after a BBL, your body needs time to rest and allow the transferred fat cells to establish a blood supply. Swelling and bruising are common, and strict rest is essential.

You should avoid all forms of exercise during the first week following surgery. Your plastic surgeon will usually advise you to:

  • Take at least 7 days off from work and exercise.
  • Wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and support the contours.
  • Engage in light walking to promote circulation, which is beneficial for healing and reducing the risk of complications like blood clots.

Exercise Post-BBL: Starting Light

Once you’ve passed the initial recovery period, usually after two weeks, you can begin incorporating light exercises. At this stage, focus on:

  1. Gentle lower body stretches
  2. Light upper body workouts that don’t strain the buttocks
  3. Continuing to wear your compression garment

Advancing to More Intensive Workouts

Your body will generally be ready for more strenuous activities four to eight weeks post-BBL. However, always wait for your surgeon’s approval before elevating your workout intensity. Ensure you:

  • Gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts.
  • Avoid exercises that directly impact the buttocks, like cycling and heavy squats, until allowed by your surgeon.
  • Monitor the operated areas for any signs of excessive swelling or pain, which could indicate complications.

Guidelines for Post-BBL Exercise Routines

A woman follows post-BBL exercise guidelines, doing light cardio and avoiding pressure on the buttocks

Incorporating Cardio and Low-Impact Activities

Initially, cardio should be low-impact to avoid stressing the gluteal muscles. After getting your surgeon’s approval, typically within 2-3 weeks post-surgery, you can begin with:

  • Walking: Start with short, gentle walks to promote circulation.
  • Swimming: Once your incisions fully heal, swimming can be an excellent non-weight-bearing exercise.

Reintroducing Strength Training

You must wait before jumping back into any strength training to protect the integrity of the transferred fat cells in your buttocks. Around 6-8 weeks post-surgery, with your surgeon’s clearance, you can carefully add:

  • Lightweight exercises: Begin with lighter weights to gradually rebuild muscle mass.
  • Lower body strength training: Incorporate exercises that do not directly load the glutes at first, such as standing calf raises or seated leg extensions.

Bodyweight Movements and Core Stability

After about 8 weeks or when your surgeon gives the go-ahead:

  • Core exercises: Engage in core-strengthening exercises like planks that also enhance overall stability.
  • Glute activation: Incorporate bodyweight exercises like bridges that focus on toning without stressing the healing tissues.

Lifestyle and Long-term Care After BBL

A woman rests on a comfortable chair, surrounded by supportive friends. A calendar on the wall marks the days until she can resume her workout routine after BBL surgery

Post-Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), your journey to sustainable, fabulous results combines sensible lifestyle choices with diligent follow-up care. Achieving the best long-term contouring effects hinges on your dedication to maintaining a stable weight and engaged aftercare.

Maintaining Results through Diet and Lifestyle

Your BBL surgery is an investment in your body’s contour, and like any valuable investment, it requires proper management. Maintenance begins with diet and lifestyle. Post-surgery, keep your weight stable to avoid fluctuating fat cell size, which can alter the voluptuous results you adore.

  • Nutrition: Prioritize a balanced diet to nourish your body and support new fat grafts. Incorporate a variety of:

    • Lean proteins (for tissue repair)
    • Whole grains (for sustained energy)
    • Healthy fats (to support fat cells)
    • Greens and vegetables (for vitamins and fiber)
  • Lifestyle: Embrace activities that promote blood circulation without exerting pressure on your buttocks. Once your surgeon gives you the green light, consider:

    • Walking or light cardio
    • Low-impact exercises
    • Stretching routines

Remember, significant weight loss post-BBL could result in the loss of volume in your newly contoured buttocks, so aim to keep that weight stable!

Follow-up Care and Monitoring

Your plastic surgery experience doesn’t end when you leave the operating room. Follow-up care is crucial for long-term success. Regular appointments with your cosmetic surgeon will ensure proper healing and integration of fat grafts.

  • Early Aftercare: Follow your surgeon’s advice on minimizing strain on the treated area to promote blood circulation and survival of fat grafts.
  • Monitoring: Attend all scheduled check-ups, especially during the critical first six months. These visits allow your surgeon to monitor the longevity of the BBL results and make recommendations as you age.


How long after BBL can I lift weights?

Before lifting weights, you should wait at least 6-8 weeks after a BBL to allow proper healing.

How soon after BBL can you do squats?

Squats should be avoided for at least 8 weeks after BBL to ensure the transferred fat cells establish themselves.

What workouts can I do after BBL?

After a BBL, you can gradually reintroduce low-impact workouts like walking or gentle yoga after 4 weeks, progressing as tolerated.

Can I workout 5 weeks after BBL?

At 5 weeks post-BBL, you may be able to start light workouts, but it’s essential to get clearance from your surgeon before resuming any exercise regimen.

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