How Much Do CrossFit Coaches Make 2024: Experts Explain

Peek behind the scenes of the CrossFit community with “How Much Do CrossFit Coaches Make: Experts Explain,” discussing the financial rewards of coaching in this dynamic fitness industry.

How Much Do CrossFit Coaches Make?

Average Salary and Salary Range

Your potential earnings as a CrossFit coach vary widely. On average, you could make $59,310 annually, but this is just the midpoint. The salary range typically spans from $30,558 to $59,789 per year. If you’re exceptional at what you do or take on additional roles, you might even see your compensation increase.

Influencing Factors on Income

Your pay as a CrossFit coach isn’t just a number—many factors influence it. Experience and certifications often boost your earning potential significantly. Are you offering private coaching or specialty classes? These can enhance your income.

Another factor to consider is whether you’re paid a flat salary or work hourly; the latter could mean $16 to $67 per hour, depending on your role and expertise.

Comparison by Location

Your zip code matters regarding your paycheck as a CrossFit coach. In high-cost states like California and New York, salaries tend to be higher to match the cost of living.

Meanwhile, other areas like South Dakota might offer less due to lower living costs. States like Texas, Utah, Colorado, Washington, and Hawaii vary in compensation, reflecting the diverse economic landscapes across the country.

Career Path and Professional Development

Embarking on a career as a CrossFit coach offers a dynamic trajectory with ample opportunities for growth and professional development. By gaining the proper certifications and tapping into the potential for advancement, you set the stage for a rewarding and prosperous career.

Certifications and Qualifications

Your journey begins with the Level 1 Certification (CF-L1), a two-day course introducing you to CrossFit’s core movements, workouts, and philosophies.

This credential is your entry ticket into the world of CrossFit coaching. Following that, the Level 2 Certification expands on this foundation, delving deeper into advanced movements and enhancing your coaching skills.

  • CF-L1 Trainer: Kickstart your path.
  • CF-L2 Coach: Deepen your expertise.

Career Progression and Advancement

As your experience expands, so do your opportunities. With dedication, you may progress to higher coaching levels or even open your affiliate.

Coaches with a blend of experience and ongoing education can strive for roles that include head coach or program director, each a step up with increased responsibilities and compensation potential.

  • Advance roles: Head coach, Affiliate owner, Program director.
  • Increased responsibility: Leads to potentially higher income.

Becoming a CrossFit Coach

Becoming a CrossFit coach is intertwined with continuous learning and skill enhancement. Embrace the CrossFit culture, commit to lifelong fitness education, and watch as your career flourishes.

From your initial CF-L1 certification to the potential of running your gym, your passion and dedication shape your professional path.

  • Embrace the culture: Commit to CrossFit’s ethos.
  • Continuous learning: Pursue ongoing education.

Job Structure and Additional Benefits

Types of Employment

As a CrossFit coach, your employment status can vary greatly. You might be an employee of an affiliate gym, where you could be teaching numerous group classes or even running private coaching sessions.

Alternatively, you can work across different gyms or hold classes as an independent contractor.

  • Full-time: Typically involves a fixed salary with the potential for additional commission and benefits.
  • Part-time: Offers flexibility with often hourly pay; ideal if you’re juggling other commitments.
  • Freelance: You might coach at multiple gyms or offer specialized services, like a nutrition coach, which could add to your income through various means.

Affiliate gym arrangements can offer a unique compensation package that may include profit sharing, while coaches at more competitive stadiums could be offered performance-based bonuses.

Perks of the Job

Beyond your average salary, being a CrossFit coach offers enticing perks. Many affiliate gyms offer benefits like free or discounted gym memberships, allowing you to maintain your fitness while teaching.

  • Additional Earnings: Tips, client acquisition and retention commissions, and bonuses for high demand classes.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities to become a more specialized coach, such as a personal trainer or nutrition coach, often with certifications paid by the employer.
  • Time Off: Many full-time positions include paid time off, allowing you to rest and recover.
  • Community and Networking: It’s a vibrant community where networking can lead to more opportunities within and beyond the affiliate gym.


How much do you get paid to coach a CrossFit class?

Coaching a CrossFit class typically earns around $20-$25 per hour, but rates can vary based on location and experience.

How much do CrossFit gym owners make?

CrossFit gym owners’ income varies widely, with some reports suggesting an average salary of around $76,391 per year.

How much does a CrossFit coach make in London?

In London, a CrossFit coach can make between £20 to £30 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

Can I be a CrossFit coach?

Yes, you can become a CrossFit coach by obtaining a Level 1 Trainer Certificate and meeting any additional requirements set by the gym or facility.

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