How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding 2024? Surprising Insights

Hit the slopes with “How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding? Surprising Insights,” and learn how this exhilarating winter sport can effectively burn calories and improve your fitness.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding?

MET value, or Metabolic Equivalent of Task, is a measure that represents the intensity of physical activities. For snowboarding, the baseline MET value is often cited around 5.5, which signifies moderate exertion. To calculate your calories burned:

  • Calories Burned = MET value * body weight in kg * duration in hours

For a baseline understanding, a 70 kg individual snowboarding for 2.5 hours at this MET value burns approximately:

  • (5.5 * 70 * 2.5) / 200 ≈ 481 calories

Factors Affecting Caloric Expenditure

Several factors can significantly influence how many calories you burn while snowboarding, changing the amount from the baseline MET value calculation:

  1. Weight: Heavier individuals typically use more energy, increasing caloric expenditure. Here’s a ballpark figure for a person weighing 180 pounds (about 81.6 kg):
    • An hour of snowboarding may burn around 520 calories.
  2. Intensity: Aggressive styles and challenging terrains up the MET value, thus increasing caloric burn.
  3. Duration: The longer you snowboard, the more calories you’ll burn. A 10-minute activity may result in approximately 90 calories burned for the average person.
  4. Age and Metabolism: Younger snowboarders with a faster metabolism tend to burn more calories than older individuals.

Calculating Your Burn

A snowboarder carving down a snow-covered mountain, surrounded by trees and a clear blue sky. The sun is shining, casting a soft glow on the glistening snow

Using a Calorie Calculator

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Enter Your Weight: Input it accurately whether you measure in pounds or kilograms.
  2. Specify Duration: Tell the calculator your exact duration on the slopes, in hours or minutes.
  3. Adjust for Intensity: Select the level that matches your fitness level and snowboarding intensity.
  4. Calculate: Click the button and boom! You’ve got your calories burned in a single session.

For example, using a calculator:

Weight: 70 kilograms
Duration: 2.5 hours
Approximate Calories Burned: 9.62 calories (this seems like an error – typically, you'd burn much more)

All the heavy lifting is done for you with just a few clicks!

Estimating Energy Use Without Technology

No tech? No problem! Estimate your caloric burn with just a bit of know-how and a simple formula:

  1. Find Your MET Value: MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent of Task, a measure of exertion. Moderate snowboarding typically has a MET value of around 4.3 to 6.8.
  2. Know Your Stats: Keep your body weight and duration of activity in mind.
  3. Do the Math: Use the general formula:

    Calories burned = MET value × weight (kg) × duration (hours)

For example:

Weight: 75 kg
Duration: 3 hours
MET value: 5.5 (moderate effort)
Calories Burned: 5.5 MET * 3 hours * 75 kg ≈ 1237.5 calories

Remember, your burn rate is personalized! Factors like age and gender can also influence the equation.

Maximizing the Workout

image 3

The key to amplifying your calorie burn lies in the intensity and style of snowboarding you choose. Opt for challenging slopes and incorporate vigorous techniques to engage more muscles. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go Off-Piste: Exploring backcountry terrain can significantly increase the intensity of your workout, demanding greater physical exertion, which in turn optimizes calorie burning.
  • Frequent Runs: Increase your number of runs to minimize downtime; the less time you spend on the chairlift, the more muscle you work.
  • Technical Maneuvers: Integrating jumps, spins, and quick turns will vigorously work various muscle groups and skyrocket your calorie expenditure.

Snowboarding for Specific Fitness Goals

Tailoring your snowboarding experiences can help you meet distinct health and fitness objectives:

  • Cardiovascular Health: Engage in steady, continuous runs to keep your heart rate up for cardiovascular benefits while enjoying the slopes.
  • Muscle Tone and Strength: Use the natural resistance of snow and varied terrain to challenge muscle groups and improve overall muscle strength.
  • Weight Loss Goals: To focus on weight loss, maximize calories burned by snowboarding for longer sessions and keep rest to a minimum.


Is snowboarding a full body workout?

Yes, snowboarding is a full-body workout that engages your core, legs, and stabilizing muscles to maintain balance and control.

How many calories do you burn skiing for 5 hours?

Skiing for 5 hours can burn 1,500 to 3,000 calories, depending on weight, intensity, and skill level.

How many calories do you burn skiing vs snowboarding?

Skiing and snowboarding burn a similar number of calories, with skiing slightly higher on average, roughly 300 to 600 calories per hour.

Does skiing burn the most calories?

While skiing is a high-calorie burner, it may not burn the most calories compared to other high-intensity activities like running or cycling.

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