Best Adjustable Kettlebell in 2024: Flexibility for Home Gym

Kettlebell workouts have surged in popularity as they offer a high-intensity, full-body exercise routine in a single piece of equipment. Unlike traditional dumbbells, kettlebells have a unique shape that allows for a variety of grips and movements, providing an effective means to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility.

The best adjustable kettlebell, a relatively recent innovation, steps up the game even further by adding versatility and space-saving convenience. It allows users to change the weight of the kettlebell with ease, making it perfect for progressive training and use by multiple people with different strength levels.

Choosing the right adjustable kettlebell hinges on a few critical considerations such as the weight range, the mechanism of adjusting weights, the overall design, and the durability of the product. It’s essential to select an adjustable kettlebell that offers a weight range suitable for both beginners and seasoned athletes to make sure it can support a wide array of exercises and progress over time. The ease of weight adjustment is also paramount, as it should allow for quick and safe changes during workouts.

As someone who prizes both efficiency in my workouts and a decluttered living space, I’ve found the best adjustable kettlebells to be those that are not only secure and user-friendly but also compact. These versatile tools should resist wear and tear from frequent use and be comfortable to handle through various movements. With all these boxes ticked, an adjustable kettlebell can become an indispensable ally in achieving fitness goals. Having assessed several options myself, I’ll share the standout choices that I believe offer the best combination of features, value, and adaptability for a wide range of users.

Top Adjustable Kettlebells for Dynamic Workouts

I’ve scoured the market to bring you my top picks for adjustable kettlebells. My selections promise to spice up your fitness routine with a mix of versatility, durability, and space-saving design to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Let’s jump right into the heart of dynamic and adjustable strength training!

Bowflex SelectTech 840

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If you’re tight on space but hungry for a versatile workout, the Bowflex SelectTech 840 kettlebell is your golden ticket.


  • Seamlessly adjusts to six different weights
  • Takes the place of a full kettlebell set
  • Two months of free JRNY All-Access Membership included


  • Tad bulkier than traditional kettlebells
  • Premium price point might not suit all budgets
  • Limited to a max of 40 lbs, which may not challenge advanced lifters

Swinging into my workout with the Bowflex kettlebell feels like I’ve brought the gym home. The ease of twisting the dial to shift weights makes transitioning between exercises a breeze – no more fumbling with multiple kettlebells during a high-energy session.

It’s surprising how six weights can be packed into one piece of equipment. This clever design has saved so much room; my apartment remains clutter-free. And let’s talk about the complimentary JRNY membership – it’s like having a personal trainer on my phone, guiding and pushing my limits.

While the design is stellar for saving space, it’s noticeably taller than standard kettlebells. It took me a moment to adjust to the size when maneuvering it through more intricate moves. And yes, the price had me pause, but considering it’s six kettlebells in one and the quality you’re getting – it’s a worthy investment.

For enthusiasts who crave that progressive overload, 40 lbs might not cut it. But for others diving into a fitness regime, this kettlebell grows with you as you level up. It’s compact, potent and despite the few gripes, it has me looking forward to every sweat session!

Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell

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After swinging the Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell through my latest workout, I’m convinced any fitness enthusiast would benefit from this versatile piece of equipment.


  • Seamlessly transitions between weights, perfect for progressing through workouts
  • Sturdy grip provides reassurance during intense sessions
  • Space-saving solution with a variety of weights at your fingertips


  • Initial use requires familiarization with the weight-changing mechanism
  • Flat bottom is great for storage but can be uncomfortable on the forearms in certain exercises
  • Could experience wear over time if not handled with care

The Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell feels like a game changer for my home gym. Its weight adjustability means I can shift from light to heavy exercises without interruption. I appreciate not having to buy multiple kettlebells for my workouts, as this single piece covers a broad range of weights. The secure lock ensures that once I’ve selected a weight, it stays put, which gives me peace of mind when I’m focused on form and function.

Handling the kettlebell is a breeze thanks to its comfortable grip that doesn’t slip, even when my palms get sweaty. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my strength training routine because I can easily switch weights to keep my muscles challenged without halting my momentum to grab a different kettlebell.

With space at a premium in my place, I love that this kettlebell neatly fits into a corner with its flat bottom, ready for the next workout. However, during exercises like Turkish get-ups, I have to be careful since the flat shape can be a bit more taxing on my forearms. Also, while the kettlebell is durable, I’ve made sure to handle the weight plates with care to avoid any potential chips in the coating that could occur with rough use.

In conclusion, the Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell supports my fitness journey with its convenience and functionality. Its adaptable design fits various exercises and strength levels, making it a solid investment for anyone serious about their fitness goals.

APEX Adjustable Kettlebell

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If you want a customizable and durable kettlebell for your home gym, the APEX is a fantastic choice.


  • Versatile weight adjustment to suit varying strength levels
  • High-quality, durable cast iron material
  • Ergonomic U-bar handle for better grip and control


  • Initial weight starts at 20 pounds which might be heavy for beginners
  • Weight adjustments can be time-consuming
  • The kettlebell’s base can be bulky for certain exercises

I immediately admired the heft and feel of the APEX Adjustable Kettlebell as I unboxed it. The cast iron design gives it a durable, quality feel, and it’s clear that this is a piece of equipment built to last. After getting a grip on the U-bar, it was impressive how natural it felt in my hands, even when switching between one and two-handed movements.

During my workout, I adjusted the weight for different exercises. Adding and removing the weights isn’t the quickest process, but the versatility in weight is perfect for my progressive training routine. Swings, goblet squats, and overhead presses were smooth, without the weights shifting or interrupting my flow.

The kettlebell’s base is a bit large, and I found it slightly intrusive during certain moves. However, it’s a minor inconvenience considering the range of weight options this kettlebell replaces. I finished the session feeling energized and challenged, convinced that the APEX kettlebell is a worthy addition to my home gym.

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Buying Guide for Best Adjustable Kettlebell

Weight Range

I always consider the weight range first. A good adjustable kettlebell should offer a wide selection of weights to accommodate varying fitness levels and exercises.

Minimum WeightMaximum WeightIncrement
5 lbs35 lbs5 lbs

Material and Durability

The material largely dictates durability. I look for high-quality, solid materials like cast iron or steel. Avoid plastic shells; they may break easily.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The handle should be comfortable and suit my grip. A wide, smooth handle reduces strain on my hands, allowing for a more effective workout.

Adjustment Mechanism

Ease of weight adjustment is key. I prefer mechanisms that are:

  • Quick: Minimal interruption during workouts.
  • Secure: No risk of weights disengaging mid-use.
  • Simple: I shouldn’t need a manual to change weights.


I check the base of the kettlebell to ensure it is flat and stable. It shouldn’t wobble during exercises like renegade rows or push-ups.

Size and Portability

Given that space can be limited, a compact design is ideal. Solid construction, yet not overly bulky, is preferable for a home gym setting.


Cost is always a consideration; however, investing in a versatile piece of equipment might save money in the long run compared to buying multiple fixed-weight kettlebells.

Using this guide, I confidently select the best adjustable kettlebell to elevate my fitness routine without second-guessing my purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Adjustable Kettlebell

In my experience with various fitness equipment, adjustable kettlebells are a game changer for home workouts due to their versatility and space-saving design. Here are some specific insights based on common queries I often encounter.

What features should I look for in the best adjustable kettlebell for home workouts?

I always suggest looking for adjustable kettlebells with a wide weight range, secure locking mechanisms, and an ergonomic handle. Durability and ease of weight adjustment are crucial for a seamless workout experience.

How do adjustable kettlebells compare to traditional kettlebells in terms of effectiveness?

In my workouts, adjustable kettlebells have proven just as effective as traditional ones. They provide the same benefits, such as improving strength and versatility in exercises, with the added bonus of adjustable weight for progressive training.

What are the top-rated adjustable kettlebell brands recommended by fitness enthusiasts?

Through my fitness network, brands like Bowflex, Powerblock, and Kettlebell Kings are often praised. They’re lauded for their solid construction, reliable adjustment mechanisms, and overall quality.

Can beginners effectively use adjustable kettlebells, and what should they consider?

Absolutely, beginners can use adjustable kettlebells. I always remind them to start with lower weights and focus on proper form. Also, looking for kettlebells with clear weight markings makes transitions smoother.

What’s the weight range I should consider when choosing an adjustable kettlebell for my exercise routine?

This depends on my goals and current strength level. Generally, I find a range of 10 to 40 pounds to be versatile enough for both beginners and experienced users enhancing their workouts.

Is it worth investing in a high-end adjustable kettlebell for long-term strength training?

From my experience, yes. A high-end adjustable kettlebell often has superior build quality and functionality, which contributes to its longevity and my progression in strength training. It’s a worthwhile investment for my home gym.

Did you like this best adjustable kettlebell? Let me know in the comments. Make sure to also look at CrossFit Jump Ropes and Run Resistance Bands.

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